Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The fabric's in!

But before we go to the loft and start playing - we get to go through the garden on the way!
With all the April showers we've had - we'd better get lots and lots of May flowers!

And really, we've already been playing. The flat folds came straight from Korea so they had to be unfolded (they're 44" wide - not 22) and redone to stack on the table. They're just easier to work with that way. So yesterday afternoon was spent folding fabric and stacking it on my table. Here's a glimpse of one side.

Now the real work begins. We're trying for 6 quilts before Market. Well - 2 quilts and some wallhangings.
Meanwhile, just in case we weren't busy enough, Tara and Kelly decided to have a Spring Fling Sale. Here's the email Kelly sent out if you're interested. And if you want to be notified of our specials you can go to www.janpatekquilts.com/ and sign up for the emails if you haven't already..
Well - off to the loft to play with fabric!

Jan Patek Quilts

5 Fabulous Days at Jan Patek Quilts!



We have a very exciting event to share with you!
Starting at midnight tonight we'll be offering a daily email special! For the next 5 days (skipping the weekend) we'll send an email at midnight announcing that day's Fabulous Sale!
There will be 1/2 price sales! Buy one get one free sales! Sales with free shipping! Sales too Fabulous to miss! Each special is for one day only and starts at midnight cst. Quantities will be limited (first come, first served!) so you'll want to order quickly.
Ladies, this is gonna be fun!
5 Fabulous days at Jan Patek Quilts!


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  2. Well, the URL link didn't work, but the little Jan Patek button took me there. Thanks !

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  4. Thank you very much, I'll take everything! Great colors and prints!

  5. The fabric is lovely. When will the shops have it?

  6. I fixed the glitch in the url. And - the fabric won't be in shops until this fall. It will show at Market this spring. Back to sewing:)

  7. Can't wait for the fabric to hit the shops. It looks great, as usual. Have fun sewing up a storm!

  8. The fabrics are wonderful, I can't wait to see what you make with them.