Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skipping Black Friday.......

The last 2 years Kelly and I have cheerfully gotten up before the crack of dawn to join the throngs of shoppers looking for a deal on Christmas goodies. This year there just wasn't anything we wanted that was offered. So we just as cheerfully slept a little late after a great Thanksgiving dinner.

It was supposed to start raining Friday night so that morning I planted some bulbs (a little late here) and Jake turned over a couple of beds in the garden to ready them for Spring. We have some walking Egyptian onions that refuse to stay where they're put and we always have go get them out of the other beds or they'll take over. Grandma Laird's iris are safe for another year, thanks to Jake.
And our house and garden still have most of the vestiges of Happy Hollow. I do so love Fall.

I pulled all of the marigold plants, shook them a little and then laid them in the beds. Playing in the garden was a great way to spend the day. Then in the afternoon, we jumped in the car and went to Max's to have some post Thanksgiving pizza and cake with Max and Quinn and Cullen. Michele got home - she's working at Sears for the holidays and had gotten to work at 3:45. She said it wasn't too bad, all in all, for Black Friday.
Can you tell I'm not quite ready to let go of Fall?
I'm afraid Winter is on it's way though. The temperatures have drastically fallen.
I have one awesome potted plant that doing it's best to hold on. I almost feel like bringing it in the house tonight. Probably will.

We're getting excited and ready for the Moda Blog Hop though - Don't forget - December 5-9th.


  1. I haven't had a chance to get ready for christmas, maybe later this week.
    I cannot stand the crowds and craziness of holiday shopping so I avoid it.
    Can't wait for the blog hop, always love those.


  2. This was the first year I've gone out on BF morning. I just had to have that $50.00 off sewing tote from Joann's and I was afraid they would sell out. Other than that there wasn't anything I needed because everyone is getting handmade this year.

  3. Love your photos! (I'm still trying to get a copy of the insert that goes with Country Quilts for your Soul. Evidently the book I received was maybe used in a class; however, the insert pattern pieces for Sunny Days was not in it when I received it. Could you, would you try to send me one---I would love to work on that quilt :D). I have called and emailed frequently since receiving the book, but haven't heard anything yet. If you would email me, I can send you my address and phone number. Thanking you in advance,
    Angie Shipley

  4. Angie - We're only in the office 3 days a week and with the holidays that can make things take what seems like forever. If you got the book from us, we just open the shrink wrap, I sign them and we send them - don't use them at all so it must have happened wherever Quiltmania has them printed. I'll email you and get the info and get you fixed up. I do have the patterns on my computer. I know it can be frustrating.

  5. Love your quilts. Have lost my copy of the freebie download Cozy Cabin in the Christmas Woods that you offered in August. Went back to August posts and cannot download the page again. Can you help me? I have the scrape bag and and fabric pack but no pattern:(
    Angie Richardson