Monday, October 15, 2012

After the Flood

When I last left you on October 8th, the plumber was coming back the next day to fix the last (we hoped) cut on our sewer lines.  

He did.  By Tuesday night we had water and everything drained.  We could take baths, do laundry and flush toilets.

What we could not do was talk on the house phone or use the internet.

It seems that the telephone line had been cut.  Sigh.

AND - there had been some major fiber cuts - whole towns around here were without phone or internet service so our little problem got shoved to the back of the repair tickets.  Whenever we called, the voicemail said a repair ticket was already scheduled and we would hear within 24 hours.

Wilhamina Witch

By Friday, however, we were getting impatient.  Luckily the telephone office in town used to be next to my beauty parlor so I knew who to call locally.  Hope finally got someone out here who said that they'd never gotten a repair ticket.  It took her about 45 minutes to locate the problem and fix it.

What this all means is that last week we could neither get nor ship orders.

In the midst of all of this, Friday Spike went lame - both back legs - and I had to take him to the vet.  He's on meds now,  feeling better - but he and Yoda can't run and tear around when Yoda visits.  They have to remain quiet and sedate - which means inside, believe me.

Today, things seem to be calming down. 

The Flood seems to be over.

This is Gabriels Ark.  It seemed like a good kit to put on special this week while we mop up.  If you ordered from the site last week, we're working on it.  :)

Have a good week ladies.


  1. If it isn't one thing it's another, hope things settle down for you, this week.
    Poor Spike, I hope he is ok and feels better soon. My guy has kidney failure, so on meds and it makes his back end weak.


  2. His knee joints are out of place. Pain meds help now but he'll have to have surgery on both legs, one at a time and it isn't cheap. But then neither was the plumbing - and I like him a lot more.

  3. Poor little guy! Give him a cuddle for me.

  4. Jan, could you please help me out: I placed an order on 10/4 (order #401505) and so far I've not received it. I've sent three emails and called seven times, but have not heard back from anyone. This order contains two yards of fabric that I need in order to finish a quilt top that I need to get to my quilter ASAP I order for my quilt to be ready as a Christmas gift. I'm starting to get pretty stressed as I need to get the quilt top to her by 11/1. Again, I've sent three emails without receiving a response and I've telephoned seven times without the phone being answered.

  5. How terrible about your flood !! On the other hand I just saw you on the Sept/Oct Quiltmania magazine !!! yay!!! The house looks so good and the quilts too.What a lovely article it was !!! Congrats !! Izzy

  6. Jan, I apologize for emailing you through your blog, but I have sent numerous emails and made numerous phone calls regarding the order I placed on 10/4, but have not received, and I can't get a response from anyone! Could you PLEASE let me know what is going on with this order. It was paid for on 10/4 when it was ordered. Again, it is order #401505.

    Anxiously waiting to hear from someone.......

  7. LOL, which dog is Yoda? Lemme guess, the one in the right? I find the one in the left cuter. Anyway, the design looks so artistic, Jan. :) Well, I'm sorry about the cut telephone line. I have my experiences too, you know. Some people lose their telephone lines due to flood. :(

    Darryl Mikula