Sunday, February 22, 2015


My daughter Kelly tells me not to say "oops" - it doesn't sound professional.
The thing is - sometimes life gives you an oops.

This is the center block for Spring Break - my quilt that's featured in the Spring issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  We've made up fabric packs for the quilt and have run into a "challenge" on this block.  
The magazine changed my instructions - which is no problem - there are as many different ways to do appliqué as there are quilters.  The problem is that I didn’t know it. I have always just cut the block pieces to size and sewed them together, then put on the applique.  In 30 years of doing applique I’ve never had one shrink up.  Apparently some people do so they cut the backgrounds larger and then trim the block down to the correct size after the applique is on.  And apparently that’s how the wonderful ladies at Primitive Quilts do it and that’s the directions they gave.  And I'm sorry to say I didn't read the directions in the magazine when it came because I thought I knew what they said.
And since I wrote the original directions and sent them, I assumed they were going to use mine so we cut the fabric for the Fabric Packs last summer doing it my way.   The top piece should be cut 21.5x17.5 and the bottom piece should be cut 21.5 x 3.5.  Sew them together and you have a 21.5 square.  Then put your applique on - Unless your stitches are mega tight or your background wasn’t lying flat, it shouldn’t shrink.
So, if you've gotten a Fabric Pack from us, you'll probably need to cut it this way.
Communication - communication - communication.

I hope everyone who got a fabric pack reads this.  
And if the background in any pattern or kit doesn't go together right, try to get it corrected before you start the appliqué.
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  1. Heel mooi. Groetjes Wilma

  2. Saying oops is OK in your line of work. But my previous boss, a doctor, told me once not to use it during a minor surgical office procedure that I was assisting him with! LOL... He was teasing me. And, he did everything right! LOL