Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

I thought this would be a good day to showcase one  of my favorite Quilts

America For Me.

If you'll go to our store
you'll find the kit on sale.

When I first designed this quilt. Lissa Alexander 
from Moda called it. "A Flag in a Bag".

I've always had a patriotic streak - with my father being Career Army
and Peps father being Career Navy 
Byron earned a bronze star piloting a minesweeper during WWII.

Anyway, my prayers are with everyone in Aphganistan.
Christ said to "pray for your enemies" so I guess we'd better pray for
the Taliban-they seem to really need prayers.

Our vintage book this month is 

It will be on sale for half price all of this month
and has quite a few quilt patterns as well as lots
of smaller wallhangings.
Its getting to be pumpkin time and sure enough, there a
Libery Pumpkin. I think  we even have a few kits left.
You can go to our store by clicking here.

I'm out of the hospital and doing well
and slowly getting back to stitching.
See you next week



  1. Glad you are out of hospital. I hope you continue to improve. Stay well. Love from across the pond in the land down under.


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