Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday

This is going to be a short blog post
because I got trapped by my computer..

So we'll start with the kit and pattern that's on
sale this week.  This is "Flower Power"
and is mostly made with my favorite purples.
It's 46" x 46" and both the kit and the pattern 
are 20% off this week

And this is a drawing of the little 
quilt that trapped me.  
I got the idea for the bunnies and flower
table runner for my youngest granddaughter Summer
and sat down to frame out the quilt.

It will be called "Summer's Bunnies" because in this family 
anything that has anything to do with bunnies now gravitates
to Summer.  Luckily her Aunt Kelly has already
designed and gotten "Kelly's Bunnies". 
I may have to make Summer's quilt a little bigger so she can
cover her bunnies with it.  Right now its a 
work in progress but I'll get it finished by next week

For now to get a pattern for Kelly's Bunnies
or to get the pattern or kit for 
"Flower Power" you can go to the store by 
clicking here.

Meantime ladies, have a wonderful week with
the people and quilts that you love.



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