Thursday, October 26, 2023

Happy Girl Gang Wednesday on Thursday this week.

 And the quilt kit on sale for today 


the "Shoo Crow" pillow.

You can go to the store to get your kit

by clicking here

The pillow is at this moment sitting on

my couch next to my new kitty Trigger and both the pillow

and the kitty are among my favorites.

Trigger came to visit a few weeks ago and since

he seemed to really like it here, we took him to the

vet so he could be an inside cat.  Kitties that mark

their territory don't get to live in the house until they've

visited the vet.

And I just love the colors in the pillow - they simply say "Fall" to me.

And speaking of Fall, I need to go sweep the leaves off the front porch.

When I get finished sweeping off the porch, I get to go back

to designing a quilt using Deb Strain's next fabric line "Willow's Farm" and

it's really yummy.

We all need to pray for Israel and for the Palestinians.

Now, have the best week with the people and quilts that you love

and I'll see you next week with another Fall quilt and probably

more chicken pictures - I just love watching them - 

they're so cute.  

Unfortunately a red tailed hawk got my other Millefluer -(that's the tan one

with the dots or flowers) and I can't order more until next spring).  The hawk 

went right through the plastic netting covering the yard so now it's covered 

with metal netting.  Stupid hawk will have to get mice instead of my babies.

Have a good one, ladies.

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