Wednesday, August 14, 2019

And still busy :)

America For Me
has certainly kept us busy.  
We weren't quite prepared for the
flood of orders for both the pattern
and the kit.

We had  enough fabric to make the sample but had
to order the rest from Moda for the kits.
Unfortunately the order for this fabric got mixed in
with an order for my next line.
Tammy finally called and they got it sorted out.
The fabric got here Tuesday and the kits are being cut.

Mary from Country Thread asked on her blog how I
got the quilt done so quickly.  I made the flags with
machine appliqué since the lines are straight.
DMC Machine Embroidery floss with 
the stitch set on one - almost invisible.

If you've been following Mary's blog you know
she's been having computer problems.
Our printers must have caught them - the problems -
because they both stopped working.
Everything finally seems to be humming along 
now though so patterns and kits have started shipping.
We are still taking orders for them or you can
get yours by clicking here.

This is "The Lady" from the same book - Lady Liberty.
I'm thinking of doing it again too -
 but with needle turn appliqué - 
maybe when we finish my 50th anniversary quilt.
Here are a few blocks from it.

And if you follow my blog, you know 
I have chickens.  Guess what I found the other 
day when I went to gather eggs.

He (or she) was in one of the nests.  Cullen was
with me and said it was probably a female 
because of her size. I'm not scared of snakes - 
never have been.
When I was young my father was in the Army
and we were stationed at Ft. Belvoir. 
We lived in Officer quarters with woods behind us 
and then the Potomac River.  Our house was 
shaped like a V with a little porch by the front door.
One spring a big black snake came up repeatedly
to sun himself on the porch.  My father
would go get our garden rake, pick him up
and take him back to the woods.   
Pretty simple and not scary.

Its August and August in Missouri is full of 
Watermelon Days.
Go to our store and any quilt pattern with a
watermelon is 50% off.

And speaking of 50% off our vintage book
for August is Country Paths.

I love that quilt - the patterns for it
and 3 other quilts are featured.

Well, I'd better go check the chicken house :)
and see if we have any other visitors.


  1. That snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, it would be wonderful if you did do The Lady from Lady Liberty again! I was hoping you would - or that I would find the book in some remote corner of a remote quilt shop, lol.

  3. as I scrolled through your blog I see sseveral of the quilts I've made. They are truely lovely. Thanks for all you do.