Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy..........

Lazy, hazy, crazy,
Well...... kind of!

Martingale is getting set for
my Sunny Days to come out.
It will come out in January and
we're taking Preorder this month.
We should have it set up by next week
so be sure to come back then.

Meantime we're still selling our Vintage
book Country Paths (one of my all time 
favorite books) at 1/2 price.
This is one of the quilt patterns in it

by the name of Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers.
You can see why this is one of my favorite books.
I just love these colors and fabrics.

And speaking of all time favorites and
things that I love, this is our grandson
Jake.  You saw him graduating from UMKC 
last May.  This week he started at UMKCs
School of Dentistry.  All of his hard work
in college paid off.
Congratulations Jake - only 4 more years of
hard work and you'll be a dentist.

Following up on the Watermelon Days 
theme, our Deal of the Week is 
the Prize Watermelon Tablestand Kit for 25% off.  
Gotta love ice cold watermelon on a hot, muggy
summer day.  :)

Well, I'd better get back at it.
Pep and I have been married 50 years on October 18th
and I'm making us an Anniversary BOM.  
Its 93" x 99" - Whew!
Stay tuned for further installments.

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  1. Wow this is awesome!!! Congratulations to your smart grandson, you must be very proud of him!!! I know you made so many wonderful quilts for him. You will have to make one then - with teeth in it!!!!! 😁😁😁