Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block #4

My Purple Birdhouse

To download the pattern
click here.
I think the instructions on the pattern
are pretty good but for those of you
who haven't done a lot of appliqué
I'll give you links to a few
of my YouTube tutorials.

For the basics of Freezer Paper Applique
-Jan Patek style- click here.
For points on sewing houses together (large ones as
well as birdhouses) click here.
If you want help with circles like the birdhouse hole which
can be really hard, click here.
Points can be tricky - stars, birds beaks and leaf points.
If you want a little help with points click here.

All of those should get you off to a good start
and feel free to use all of them whenever you need to.

I've always liked purple but
lately I've come to love it.

I used it extensively in my
 50th Anniversary Quilt (93" x 99")
that Tammy Vanderschmidt of Moda
turned into this awesome kit.
You can buy it by clicking here
or put it in layaway
by emailing our Tammie at

Our latest Tablestand Quilt 
is Cozy Cabin
(You can get the kit or the
pattern by clicking here)

It doesn't have much purple 
but purple snow seemed to
be stretching my love of purple
a bit far, even for me.
And my little snow guy seems
to be content with green trees so
I let him keep them.

Speaking of Anniversary quilts 
this is the quilt I made for our 25th 
anniversary.  It was published in a book 
called Together Again by Linda 
Brannock and I which is now out
of print.  Apparently there are a few
copies for sale on Ebay for around $900.
Since Humble Quilts is doing a QAL
with the quilt, I've turned it
into a pattern.  It's a huge pattern and quite
a few of the border figures are large
enough that I had to have them specially
copied and printed.  We've started the process 
and you can buy one now by clicking here. 
They probably will ship at the end of the week. 

 Meanwhile lets go see what the other
ladies have done with my block.

See you next week and lets hope for some warmer days.

And lets keep the snow away for the parade 
tomorrow for our Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs 

Go Chiefs!!


  1. Thank you for the cute birdhouse pattern, Jan! I love it like I love all other patterns! Your anniversary quilts are so beautiful! Sending big hugs from across the pond! Stay warm and - happy parade to you!!! Go Chiefs!!!

  2. Thank you for the birdhouse block....AND reprinting the 25th Anniversary pattern! I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there that would love to stitch that quilt, but would also like to be able to make their mortgage payment! lol! Yeesh! Purple was not a favorite of mine neither...but, you're slowly convincing me that I need to like it! :-)

  3. Thank you so much for the adorable birdhouse block.

  4. Such a cute block I can't wait to start making this block. Thank you.

  5. Going to do all your applique and redo the ones from 1 and 2. Will sll go in one Jsn Patek quilt.

  6. Came from MODA BH3, thank you for the birdhouse block! and love to see all your beautiful applique designs~

  7. Love the bird and his home. Thanks

  8. beautiful appliqué
    I'll be making this twice: one using cottons for the quilt and one using wools for a pillow.
    Thank you!

  9. I just watched the YouTube tutorials you mentioned, and now I WANT TO TRY IT. You are so much fun to watch, and it actually looks relaxing. It's nice to now have a face to go with the name.

  10. I'm a purple person too. I am in love with your patterns! Thank you for your inspiration on applique. Applique is my weekend project.

  11. I like purple too. Love the block! Thank you!

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  13. My favorite block so far!! Thank you Jan!

  14. You're a gifted blogger. I have joined your feed and anticipate looking for a greater amount of your awesome post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my informal communities!

  15. Jan, fyi, your latest block, block 5, did not post.

  16. Your birdhouse block is lovely! Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity.

  17. That's a great appliqué block!