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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Happy Anniversary to Us

52 years ago on October 18th

Pep and I got married at

Calvary Lutheran Church in

Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm ever so glad I married him and
I'm pretty sure he's glad he married me.

This year we are working 
on the next 50 years,

To celebrate we're offering my BOM
pattern "Jan & Pep's Marvelous Adventure"
for 30% off.  You can go to the store to
get your by clicking here.

  I think I should tell you that our
granddaughter Zoie is doing our emails now.
You would probably already know that if
you know Zoie at all.
Zoie is a guinea pig person. 
We bought her her first guinea pig
one time when she was staying here for a few
weeks.  After a little while I said, "Zoie, you 
need to stop feeding her so much - she's getting fat."
She wasn't fat - she was pregnant.  We had
bought her a pregnant guinea pig.

So my emails will have pictures of quilts
and a "guinea pig of the week" picture.
We're also busy setting up a small brick and
mortar store in the barn.  Between that and my 
latest fabric line "Iris and Ivy" things have
been rather busy around here.  We'll keep
you posted on the next Mystery Quilt and
all of our goings on.

See you next week and be sure to
keep quilting.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Happy Blockheads Wednesday - again :)

Starting the day with appliqué -
well, really embroidery.

This is the Heart & Hand block
from this year's Mystery Quilt and it will
need the words embroidered on
"Hands to Work'
Hearts to God"
I'll do that while I'm drinking my coffee
and watching the news on Fox.

Last night I went to the chicken house to check 
on my chickens and gather eggs.  

Luckily my grandsons are coming up this
weekend because I've been getting around 14 eggs
every night.  Cullen and Quinn just love
scrambled eggs and toast for either breakfast or lunch.

I'm not sure what breed the white rooster is - 
he came when some people moved out and left their 
chickens and the shelter called me to see if I'd
take them.  I just love his comb -it's awesome.

My Lavender Orpington rooster had a
pretty neat comb too and my
 Silver laced orpington lays lots of eggs.

Tammy and her fiancé have a new puppy.

Her name is Nova (I hope) and she comes

to work with Tammy every day.
She and Elizabeth are great friends.
Dobby, on the other hand, isn't quite 
sure what to do with a bouncy puppy.

Since Halloween is coming, the
Kit Nip box came with a velvet cape
along with the catnip toys.
Sam I Am wasn't sure about it

but Chantilly thought it was very nice.
Her name is Chantilly because she
has such a pretty face.

Our Vintage book this month is Country Paths 
and will be on sale for 1/2 price all month.

Tammy had to leave early to go to the Post
Office so  it may not be in the store yet
and we didn't have time to pick
the kit that's on sale. The book will be in the store 
tomorrow but you can email her at 
if you just have to order it today.
Be sure to come back tomorrow to
see what kit's on sale.
Meanwhile,  keep stitching ladies.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

or on the farm.

After starting the coffee each morning
the first thing I do is
sweep the leaves and water the plants.

Mostly - as you can see the leaves just
keep falling.  :(

I just love all of my pumpkins.

Then I get my coffee and walk
up to the chicken yard where
the chickens are waiting at the gate
eager to get out.

Jeff or Nancy have already let the
out of the chicken house and they
really want to get to the grass and stuff.

Back at the house I spent the morning yesterday
stitching and watching the congressional investigation and stitching.
I'm working on this Fall's Tablestand.

We have 2 patterns on sale this week - a BOGO.

The Witch is In

and Trick of Treat - 

It's time to get ready for Halloween.

Tammy had a family emergency and had to be
out of town so they may not be on sale at the store
until Thursday.

I know how to work my computer but I'm not 
very good with hers.  
Anyway, happy stitching and see you next week.


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Summer almost gone - but Fall is on the way

To say goodbye to summer,
we've put the "Summertime" 
kit on sale in our store.
You can get to the store by clicking here.

The little quilt is enjoying it's last week on the wall
in the back hall until we welcome it
back next year.

Meanwhile out in the garden
Jeff's pumpkin is doing quite well,

And it's sporting blossoms for more pumpkins.
Mmm., pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
I know  - we need pie pumpkins for pies
but I can dream.

In the house the Fall quilts are going up.
Jeff came and hung "Fall Festival" for
us today so it should be going on sale soon.
And I think we even have a kit or two left.

I'm not sure if we have any kits left 
for "Flock Party" but I'll check and I 
know we have patterns.

Have a great week ladies and see you next week.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

We're almost out of September

Happy Blockheads Wednesday        

Purple Pumpkin Patch - well, sort of

Besides Purple Pumpkins there are a few 
other colors - like blue, red and of course orange.

There will be a big house in the center of the quilt

with all of the pumpkins making up the borders. - 

- At least that's the plan for now, we'll have to

see how it turns out.  

Sometimes these quilts have a mind of their own.

It was my birthday on the 7th and 

this is the centerpiece my friend 

Suzanne from Germany sent me, along with 

some yummy chocolates.

Thanks Suzanne.

I need to see if there's a pattern for those 

awesome pumpkins.

Here are the pumpkins on my front porch.

Luckily pumpkins are waterproof because 
it started raining last night.

And speaking of water, Zoie and I went to
Liberty last week to refurbish my aquarium
with plants and 2 new goldfish.

This is Annie - she's an Oranda and
seems to have adjusted well.

It's Summer Tablestand time.
This summer's table stand
is called  Watermelon Basket and 
sports the basket, sunflowers, and 
a flag lovingly held by a bird on
the front.

The back repeats the baskets, flags
and birds in four 6" blocks.


You can order a kit or a

            pattern by clicking here.

Have a great week ladies and see you. next week.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Happy Blockheads Wednesday

I thought this would be a good day to showcase one  of my favorite Quilts

America For Me.

If you'll go to our store
you'll find the kit on sale.

When I first designed this quilt. Lissa Alexander 
from Moda called it. "A Flag in a Bag".

I've always had a patriotic streak - with my father being Career Army
and Peps father being Career Navy 
Byron earned a bronze star piloting a minesweeper during WWII.

Anyway, my prayers are with everyone in Aphganistan.
Christ said to "pray for your enemies" so I guess we'd better pray for
the Taliban-they seem to really need prayers.

Our vintage book this month is 

It will be on sale for half price all of this month
and has quite a few quilt patterns as well as lots
of smaller wallhangings.
Its getting to be pumpkin time and sure enough, there a
Libery Pumpkin. I think  we even have a few kits left.
You can go to our store by clicking here.

I'm out of the hospital and doing well
and slowly getting back to stitching.
See you next week