Friday, February 17, 2017

Blockheads Fabric Packs

What Fun!  Lots of people seem to be joining our Quilt Along for Moda Blockheads.

Luckily I chose fabrics I had in stock so there will be a few substitutions but not many;.
Also Luckily the Blockhead patterns don't start going up until March 8th so we have time to cut more.
We'll get them to you asap so please be patient.  
We'll make sure you have them by the time the first pattern goes up as long as you get your order in by the March 1st.
And you can always catch up if you don't order in time;.  It's only a 6" block.  :):):)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Forward HO!..........

One week closer to March 8th 
and the start of the Moda Blockheads BOW

We've been busy getting the Sweet 16s ready 
(24 in the Fabric Pack)

as well as some assorted Moda "Freecuts" (smaller) that you might need for the small appliqué bits.  We put them in because appliqué can have 6 ot 7 different fabrics in a block instead of 4 or 5 in pieced blocks.
You can get a Jan Patek Quilts Fabric Pack by clicking here

And you might want to go visit the others and see what they're up to :)

Lisa B -
Blog - 

And I'm doing Carrie's blocks in my fabric line "Coral Bells" so you might want to grab a Layer Cake.
See you next week.  :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blockheads? Moda Blockheads?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Most of you who follow my work know that I don't usually do small quilts.
For instance this is Over the Meadow and its 82 x 98.
At the moment its available as a McCalls Quilt Along;.  If you want information on the quilt you can click here

While I love making bedsize quilts, lately I've really been taken with smaller quilts.  This is the backside of a Table Stand quilt "Moonlight Serenade" and it's made of four 6" blocks.  ( The front has a snowman, the birdhouse and bird.)

And the 6" blocks are what brings me to my latest love - a quilt made mostly of 6" blocks.
Carrie Nelson has done a great job of describing what the Blockheads are and what we're doing in the latest Moda Blog.   To quote her 

"Blockhead. noun block·head \ˈbläk-ˌhed\  A quilter who likes to make a wide variety of quilt blocks, who probably collects books filled with quilt blocks, who has lots of random quilt blocks but still wants to make more.
Does that sound like you?

I know five Blockheads.  They share a common bond in that they all love traditional and Reproduction fabric – they like to joke that they’re on the “dark side” of quilting.  Last Fall, they put their heads together and decided to create a Block of the Week – BOW – made with 6″ blocks.  They would each design eight blocks, swap the blocks and then share them with everybody else.  There will be forty-eight blocks with one posted every week starting in March.
The blocks will be available as free downloads."

So...................... I've been making 6 " blocks along with some help from a friend Amy Gertz.

And I'm designing a quilt in my head to use them and I'm getting pretty excited about it.
Here are my fellow Blockheads

Lynne Hagmeier
Betsy Chutchian.
Jo Morton.
Lisa Bongean.
& Carrie Nelson

And here's what I've decided to do with the blocks.
I'm going to design a medallion quilt - kind of.
The center block will be 18 or 24" with borders and the 6" blocks will surround it.
Lynne also asked me to design some 3" x 12" sashing strips with appliqué and they'll be in there to keep the quilt from being too "all in a row".  You'll also be able to download them at some time.
Anyway, my 6" appliqué blocks will be made of vintage Jan Patek fabric with some current fabrics mixed in and I will have a Fabric pack of those available just before the blocks start being posted in March.
The blocks Lynne designed will be made of her Thistle Farms fabric, Betsy's will be made of her Rachel Remembered, Lisa's of her Liberty Gatherings, Jo's of her Reflections line and Carrie's will be made of my Coral Bells line.  So when you shop pay attention to Fat Quarters and Fat 1/8 of those lines.  And Shops a good stock of Layer Cakes would be a great idea.  (These are Layer Cakes rolled up)

And another good thing to have in stock is 1" and 1/2" Triangle Square Paper.  
Lisa Bongean is an awesome designer but Amy and I have decided she must be a little OCD - wow, wait until you see her blocks.
I should be so crazy:)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Over the Meadow - McCalls Quilt Along - has started

Over the Meadow

Jan Patek of Jan Patek Quilts demonstrates how to make invisible applique stitches in the Lesson 1 video of our Over the Meadow and Through the Year Quilt Along. These monthly videos are free to all, even if you're not making this particular quilt, and you'll learn a LOT. With good humor and years of experience, Jan's an ideal teacher for your at-home learning. Follow the link for applique fun! >>

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Almost Christmas

Here are the boys getting our Christmas tree from the fence line.  
Quinn is wielding the chain saw and Jake is the camofluage guy in the back.

It's a nice sized tree and looks great with just lights and an angel - Have I mentioned there's a lot to do around here at this time of year and I'm sure that's true for all of us.
I hope to get some ornaments on tonight :)

Oh, and a piece of advice, ladies.  Don't ever agree to do your grandson's laundry when he comes home from college in exchange for him feeding the chickens - you'll be on the loosing end :0
And we're always glad to have him home!!!

Meanwhile here are Cullen and Quinn being Wisemen in the church Christmas program.
They're two of my favorite Wisemen.

Now for the winner of the BOM naming contest!  
Drummm Rolll!

There were lots of awesome choices and we finally settled on "Country Blessings" by Cindy H.
Cindy if you will get in touch with Tammy at and give her your snailmail info she will start sending your blocks in February.

However ....I would appreciate it if Robin who entered "Eventide", Mimi who entered "American Pride" and Lynda who entered "Piecetime" will also send their snail mail information.  I'm designing quilts from my next fabric line and if I use their names, we'll send them a free pattern.

And speaking of patterns and kits, out latest Table Stand Quilt "Moonlight Serenade" is ready to buy or ship.  

It won't arrive by Christmas, of course but should be a great way to start the New Year.


Monday, December 5, 2016

So many Exciting things to work on this month................

And the first thing we have to do is give away a couple of magazines.

The first winner is Janet Wells who said "I'm thankful for family and friends......and time to quilt."

and the 2nd winner is Mimi who said "I'm thankful for my kids and grandkids."

If both of you ladies will send Tammie your snail mail information at we'll get your magazines right out to you.  
Enjoy - the ladies at Primitive Quilts and Projects have done their usual awesome job.

This is Pep's favorite Christmas decoration. 
It's an Olive the other reindeer pillow
 and you can find the pattern in our Special this month Up on the Rooftop.
The idea for the pillow came from a children's book Olive the Other Reindeer about a dog named Olive. It was a favorite of our children and now our grandchildren and has been part of our Christmas for years.  And of course when I was designing quilts for the book Olive had to be included.  Those are Jake's handprints and footprint when he was five.
  He's a sophomore at UMKC now.  He's grown a bit since then :)

2015 Prom

I just finished the drawing for the 2017 Mystery Quilt and, of course I really like it.  It's 76" x 84".
If you are a member of the 16 Mystery Quilt Club you are automatically signed up for this one unless you notify us.  This keeps the blocks coming for those of you who look forward to a block each month.   We do understand that some people will always need to drop out.  If you're not a member yet and want to join, please email Tammie at and let us know.  I'm getting ready to do the fabric part and need to know how much to order. 

 First here's a sneak peek

But we need to find a name and I think we'll have a contest. 
The winner will get the BOM free each month.   
If you have a good name for the quilt let us know in the comments section sometime between now and December 19th.  
We'll announce a winner on the 21st

And off I go to write the instructions for my blocks in the Moda Blockheads BOW - watch the blog for more information.........

And information on the QNNTV MdCalls Quilt-Along - "Over the Meadow" - it should be airing soon.

Keep quilting ladies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving is over ................already!

And so is Fall Market.  
Here I am with my fellow Moda Designers Kate Spain and Deb Strain, my neighbors in Moda's Designer's Row.

Two more days (at least) for the Pumpkins

And then this weekend the pumpkins get put away until next year and 

 2015 Holly Tree Lane and the winter quilts come down from the loft.

I've already located a good sized tree on the front of our property and when Jake comes home this weekend, he and Pep will cut it down and bring it in.
The Treeskirt is waiting.

Then slowly Tree Dancer and

Holly, Jolly Christmas and all of the winter quilts will come down from the loft.

All sorts of exciting things are in the works.
I'm designing the next Mystery Quilt that will start in February as well as patterns for my next line.
Lynne from Kansas Troubles came up with this great idea for a BOW - that's a Block of the Week - that will include Moda Designers Betsy Chutchian, Lisa Bongean, Jo Morton, Lynne,  Carrie Nelson of Moda and me.
We'll be designing 6" blocks and posting them each week- mine will be applique of course.  This is really going to be fun.

Also somewhere in here my Over the Meadow will be available on QNNTV.

Whew - that's a lot going on as well as the month of Christmas.

But meantime we've got a treat.
Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine has a new magazine "Quilts We Love"

and their first issue has the patterns for my Pokeberry Quilt.

And they very nicely gave me a couple of copies to give away.
while Thanksgiving is over
we do need to keep remembering what we are thankful for.
Make a comment telling us what you're particularly thankful for as we head into this holiday season.
Next Moda Monday, we'll draw 2 names and give away a couple of issues.

Right now, I need to go feed my cardinals and others at the feeders.  
Have a good one, ladies.