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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

It's December already

Another year almost gone.
But still lots of time left to quilt :)

This is Folk Art Favorites
Part 1 - Winter Holidays
by me and my friend and fellow
Moda Designer, Sandy Klop -
known to most people as American Jane.

There are 3 books in this series and this is Book 1.
You need all 3 books to make this quilt
and they are our Vintage book on sale this month.
All 3 are on sale in a bundle for one price.
To get yours you can click here.

I love the Partridge in a Pear Tree quilt
and these chilly December nights are just
right for cuddling up under the Pineapple quilt

or the Folk Art Angels quilt.  
One can always use a few more
angels around the house.
And here are the directions for the 
triangle/square pineapples that 
Carrie Nelson of Moda fame likes so much.

And what is Christmas without
Stockings - large stockings that hold
lots of loot (or socks and underwear 
as well as oranges and candy).

Christmas is coming so we'd better get quilting.  :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What a great time we had at the Mo. Star retreat AND

Happy Almost Turkey Day

But first the Retreat
And since there is so much to do the day
before Thanksgiving, I'll mainly show pictures.

Molly Barton (Girl Wonder) 
of Missouri Star.

Karen sewing the strips together for the beeskep/

Marie using the bias maker to  

                                                                make the bias vines.

Syd has hers made and is cutting out
freezer paper patterns.

And here we are with the finished product.
Good friends,
Lots of fun,
Lots of good food
And a quilt.
What more could one want:)

This is Pumpkins, Turkeys & Geese
The pattern is on sale this week 
and you can get it by going to the 
store after you click here .

Have a great Thanksgiving filled with
laughter, food, family and friends.
And of course --- Quilts. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Its still November - And COLD....

This is what it looks like outside.
It's 22 right now but it's
supposed to get up to 40 later today.

Yesterday the high was 22 so we're already 
ahead of the game right now.

When its this cold this early in the season
I spend a lot of my day taking care 
of my chickens - making sure each house has
food and a heated waterer and that the
waterers are working.

My neat green waterers don't work anymore -
the water is frozen.  So yesterday I ran to Orschelns
and got some plug in pet waterers.  
Luckily the green waterers can be converted to
feeders.  I just took them to the house, washed
and dried them, filled them with feed 
and turned the lids (just the lids) over.  
Now they're feeders- pretty neat :).

Before I post this I'll take a picture of the new set up.
I can't post right now anyway because for some 
reason, Blogger won't save the post so I'll have
to leave it open until it will.

I may have to wait until it warms us 
a little to get things to work

Back inside, Kitty Kate

and Elizabeth

are keeping me company while
I'm working on "Cozy Cabin" -
the Tablestand Quilt for

I didn't have a chance to post on Veteran's Day
but I hope you had a chance to thank one of
our service men or women for the
great job they do of keeping us safe.

To get a kit (including 
the hanger), click here.

Keep quilting ladies and
see you next week.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

And now it's November.........

But for awhile it looked like we had skipped a month.

Dobby, our Welsh Corgi is
discussing the situation with the 
stone puppy by the garden bench.
I think they decided that it was 
too soon for snow.

I found out the breed of my little chickens.
They are banty Mille Fluer D'uccles.
I am assuming with that name they are French.
Apparently the Mille Fluer are
the white dots on their feathers.

This is their comfy house with it's 
nests for laying eggs and their feeder.

They seem to have gotten a little
confused as to which was which.

And this is the November Mystery Quilt Block.
This yellow cat is new to the barn.
I leave the window to the grain room open a
crack except in the most severe weather.  
The window faces the south and is protected.

That way if one of the house cats goes out for
the night and isn't back by house curfew they
have a way to get out of the weather.
Well, Muffin Kitty is a stray who showed up
about 2 months ago and has made himself at
home.  He's settled in and loves being petted now
and getting his "wet food" treat every night.
(Dry food and water are a staple)

Since Halloween is over, it's time to turn about
the Fall Favorites Tablestand Quilt.  
Now we're headed for Thanksgiving.  To get
your pattern or kit for the 
quilt click here.  The Pumpkin and
Gate header is available now also.

Our Vintage book for the month 

with patterns for 12 fun quilts, 
pillows and stockings.  
To order your copy click here

It's time to get busy.
Christmas will be here before you know it. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

It's Here!

And the kit will be in December.

Jan & Pep's Marvelous Adventure 
93" x 99"
Made for their 50th Anniversary
 from Clover Meadow fabric line
by Jan Patek for Moda.

Close up of Center House block
& Jan & Pep block

Jake's house, grandson Cullen,
chickens & beeskep - 
appliqué  by Marie Boyle.

Max's house, grandson Quinn,
chickens & flag-
appliqué by Amy Gertz

my sister Nancy's house, chickens, 
beeskep & flowers -
appliqué  by Susanne Steil.

Assembly of blocks by Terri Luther.

This is a large quilt so we are offering a few different 
ways to purchase the kit.  
At the moment we are taking preorders and 
shipment will begin in December.

You can buy the kit outright for $290.00 
by clicking here
you can make 4 payments of $72.50 each
by clicking here
we'll ship the quilt in segments or all
at once after the last payment 
if it comes that way from Moda.
I do hope that made sense.
If you have any questions you can email 
Tammie at
and she should be able to answer them.

And on a totally different set of purple quilts,
someone on Instagram wanted to see
a picture of my couch with it's quilt and pillows
so here is "Home Sweet Log Cabin Home"
with the Purple House Pillow and the 
Scarecrow Pillow - also part of "America For Me".

And here is the leather-bound journal
Pep gave me for our 50th Anniversary.

"I do believe it's time
for another Adventure."  :)

He's a Keeper.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

October - Pumpkins & leaves & Anniversaries

Here's my scarecrow pillow 
from the Moda "I Can Make That"
Blog Hop.
The fabrics are a combination of
my Sweet Violet fabric line

and Betsy Chutchian's "Sarah's Story" line.
I thought they went together in a most
pleasing manner :)

To purchase a kit to make the pillow top
you need to click here.

Our vintage book (or books in this case)
for October is both books of
Pinecones & Hollyberries by
me & Sue Spargo.

Here's a picture of the quilts on
the back cover of book #1.
The Urn Tabletopper is 20" x 43'
 and the House quilt is 54" x 54".

It's never too early to start on Christmas stockings
and presents so next week I'll show you
some of the stockings you can make with
patterns from this book. 

Meanwhile, it's sunny and warm with only a 
slight wind - perfect weather for sitting
on my front porch

or up by the garden
and stitching.
My 50th Anniversary is Friday
and I'm still working on the quilt top.  :)

Have a good week ladies

Monday, October 7, 2019

The winner of the last drawing

Was #5

Julie Rose said
  1. Love that Angel table topper--just perfect for the holiday season....hugs, Julierose

    And since there were 2 quilts I decided to do another drawing.

    I kind of skewed the results by taking out all the entries that said they
    wanted the Tablerunner and the entries by Daniel from
    Microsoft that were really ads for Microsoft and ran the new numbers.

    The winner of the long cabin pattern is Anna who said

    Oh my gosh . . .what a great idea for a log cabin. . .the angel tablerunner is cute too, but the log cabin would be my choice.

    OK ladies, if you will email Tammie at janpatekquiltsinc@gmail
    and tell her which patterns you won, she'll mail you your patterns.

    It's been a really fun Hop and I hope you all got lots of ideas for quilts to make.

    Right now I'm working on my 50th Anniversary quilt and a 
    Purple House Pillow to go with my purple quilts.

    Check back Wednesday for the jpgs of the House pillow and the scarecrow pillow.

    Right now I have to go let the chickens out.  

    Everyone here was up late watching the Chief's game.  
    We lost :(  But I guess even with Mahomes we can't win them all.