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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Block 2

And Block 2 is another star - 
Sunshine Star by Sherri McConnell.

We do love our Star blocks, don't we ladies.
You can go to Sherri's blog and 
download the pattern for her
block by clicking here.

Staying inside and working on quilt
blocks seems like a very
good idea about now.

Its really pretty outside
as long as you can
view it through a window.

Winter coneflowers almost look like cotton balls.

FedEx & UPS haven't been able to get here this week
so things aren't coming in or going out,
the chickens are hunkered down in their houses and
things have generally slowed down.

Pep was scheduled for a stress test in Kansas City
today and we made it out to the highway.  
I told him that these test part was getting to
the appointment and back.

I always write my posts the night before and
schedule them to go up at 12:01 on Wednesday
morning and right now, it's about time for me
to go to bed.  It's been a long day.

But first, I think I'll go see what the other
ladies have done with Sherri's block.

See you next week and let's hope its warmer.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Blockheads 3-Block #1, part 2

Star Chain 
by Corey Yoder

To download the pattern
for the center block click here.

Most of the blocks I do for Blockheads 3
will be 8" blocks but I did Star Chain
in 12" because I want to make it into
a pillow to go with the final quilt.

And since my InDesign program where
I design my blocks and write 
all my instructions isn't on the computer right now 
(we're not sure why it disappeared and have been 
trying for 4 days to download it again.), I'll have to 
show you how to do that later.  
(If you want to wing it on your own, 
the stop border is 1" wide and the outer
 border is 2".)  I cut the batting 6" 
larger than the block and borders 
-3 on both sides- and will put it in 
my hoop and quilt it.  We'll get back to you 
later with better instructions.

Meantime lets see what the other Moda 
designers have done with Corey's block.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Block #1 of Blockheads 3 - - - What a Week!!!!

since it's way past Friday
lets announce the winner of the 
Blockheads book.
It's Katherine who said 
she always loved sampler quilts
so Blockheads was right up her alley.
Katherine if you will email your snailmail
address to Tammie at
she will send your book to you.

last weekend with
Cullen and Quinn.
Quinn as usual spent the
weekend in front of the computer.
He is our beloved computer nerd.
Cullen spent part of his time outside
taking pictures.

Dobby, our Corgi,  had to help Jeff 
blade the drive with the Kubota.
Jeff couldn't have managed without him.

Cullen took the pictures of the birds 
through the kitchen window.

I just love my cardinals and
the little Snowbirds (Juncos)

Now at long last,
Corey's block-
Star Chain  

She said that it incorporates 2 of her
favorite themes in quilting
Stars and Irish Chains.

I used a dark purple and medium green 
from my latest fabric line
Clover Meadow as well as the ivory solid.

You can get the pattern to make your block from
her blog by clicking here
I can't wait to see hers and yours.
This is going to be a fun quilt.

Did you ever have a week where everything
seemed to go wrong?
Well, I just had one.

First, my graphics program quit working.
No problem, I'll just call Adobe and they'll fix it
it's happened before.  Only this time
our internet (which is always slow - 
we live in the country - way off the information
highway) got even slower and eventually quit
working at all.  At the moment I'm using the hotspot
on Pep's phone which will work for something
small like my blog but not for downloading
a big graphics program. 

And, it being the first of the year, I'm not only working
on Blockheads 3 but also on my 12 month Mystery
Quilt for 2020.  Only right now I'm not working on it - 
I can't even print out my pattern pages.

So Adobe just called me back and we spent an hour
trying to download my program and didn't get
it done.  Tomorrow morning I have to take Pep
to Kansas City to see his lung doctor for a check up.
Then tomorrow afternoon Adobe will call and
we'll try again.
I just love things I have no control over --- NOT!!!

Next thing to go wrong was my
Deal of the Week.
It's 20% off the Cardinal  Mini
from Blockheads 1. The price includes
the little hanger.  The picture won't load.
It says the URL is wrong and it doesn't come
from an url.
Anyway, here's the jpg and you can
get it at the sale price
by clicking here.

I think I'll go shut up my chickens for the night.
That I can control.

I really like the new Mystery Quilt -----
It's called Susanne's Snowmen.
  I'll keep you posted.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It's been awhile........

.......But the Blockheads are back.
We'll start in full force next week 
To celebrate I thought I'd put the book 
of all the blocks and quilts from
Blockheads 1 on sale this week.  

To go to the store and get your copy 
click here.

I know it's been a long time since
I posted on my blog but
it's been a very long day
and there's lots to tell and see
so I'm going to ask you to come back
Friday so I have time to gather my thoughts.

Meantime here are the Moda designers
that will be joining me in this endeavor.
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -
Laurie Simpson -
 Vanessa Goertzen -
 Stacy Iest Hsu -
 Robin Pickens -
Janet Clare -
 Jen Kingwell - ???
Joanna Figueroa -

Lets start this New Year off 
with a giveaway.   
I'm pretty sure we have a Blockheads book
in stock but if not I know we have Sunny Days.
Make a comment, any old comment between now
and Friday morning and I will
have the Random Number Generator pick 
someone to win a book.

Good luck ladies and see you Friday.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Only half a post . . . . .

But, at least we can get a few things done.
and foremost
the Sunny Days 

books got here today.
Yay, Yay, Yay

And Martingale has done their
usual stupendous jog
with this book.

Also the Sarah's Story fabric 
designed by 
Betsy Chutchian got here too so

kits for Over the River

the Angel Table-runner,

Grandma's House,

Winter Wonderland,

Church Bells in the Snow 
are all being cut.

If you preordered any of those kits
you should be getting them soon.

If you want to order one today you
can do so by clicking here.

And since it's getting to close to 
Christmas and because I decided 
to make this quilt for my sister, I'm 
leaving it on sale for another week.

Merry Almost Christmas, ladies.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Book 2 of Folk Art Favorites plus Clover Meadow fabric is shipping

Our Vintage book this
month is
Folk Art Favorites.

There are 3 books in this series
(This is book 2)

with lots of fun quilts designed by
fellow Moda designer

Sandy Klop
(known to most quilters as
American Jane)

and of course there are a 
couple by me.

And its a really exciting month
for me because my latest
fabric line - Clover Meadow -
is shipping to your local quilt store.

Lots of precuts shipped  a couple of weeks ago

and the yardage is shipping now.

Along with kits for

Jan and Pep's Marvelous Adventure - 
our 50th Anniversary Quilt

So I get lots of Christmas
presents this year and so do you. 

Our Deal of the Week 

is a kit for the larger version of 

No Room at the Inn.

It's 32" x 35" and you can 
get your kit by clicking here. 

I believe the Tablestand version
(12" x 25")
is still on sale in the store too.

Have a great week ladies
and be sure to come back next week
for an update on 
Blockheads 3.

And I'm sorry ladies,
I wrote this last night but forgot to publish it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

It's December already

Another year almost gone.
But still lots of time left to quilt :)

This is Folk Art Favorites
Part 1 - Winter Holidays
by me and my friend and fellow
Moda Designer, Sandy Klop -
known to most people as American Jane.

There are 3 books in this series and this is Book 1.
You need all 3 books to make this quilt
and they are our Vintage book on sale this month.
All 3 are on sale in a bundle for one price.
To get yours you can click here.

I love the Partridge in a Pear Tree quilt
and these chilly December nights are just
right for cuddling up under the Pineapple quilt

or the Folk Art Angels quilt.  
One can always use a few more
angels around the house.
And here are the directions for the 
triangle/square pineapples that 
Carrie Nelson of Moda fame likes so much.

And what is Christmas without
Stockings - large stockings that hold
lots of loot (or socks and underwear 
as well as oranges and candy).

Christmas is coming so we'd better get quilting.  :)