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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Block 30 -

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Happy Moda Blockheads Wednesday. The block for today is........................

Block 29

Ring Around
by Corey Yoder

You can go to her blog to download
the pattern by clicking here.

It's not news that I am not
a computer person so I'm sure you'll
find it not a surprise that I couldn't figure out
how to navigate the new Blogger.  
I had to go to an old post to even
figure out how to post the block.

So............I have some figuring out to do.
In the meantime why don't you go to
the other designers and see what they
did with Corey's block.

                                                   Sherri McConnell -
                                          Betsy Chutchian -
                                                          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -
 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -
 Robin Pickens -
Joanna Figueroa -

And due to a problem with scheduling with the
Facebook group, my post won't go online until. 
6:00 AM.  If you're one of my overseas followers, please
let me know how this works for you.

Thanks and
see you next week if I can figure out how  :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Block 28 - Broken Dishes by

Joanne of
Fig Tree & Co.

You can go to her blog
to download the pattern by
clicking here.

 It's still July so our
Vintage book is still

and this is one of the quilts in it.
It is Max and Josie's Wedding quilt.

You can go to the store by clicking here 
 buy the book for 1/2 price.
We're  still having our "2 patterns for
the price of 1" sale also.

And as soon as you do that lets

And as soon as you do that lets
                                                         go see what the others have done with
                                                                     Joanne's  block .

                                                        Corey Yoder -
                                                   Sherri McConnell -
                                          Betsy Chutchian -
                                                          Jan Patek -
                                                       Brigitte Heitland -

See you next week for a new round of blocks.  :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Block 27 - Proposal by Jen Kingwell

You can go to her blog
to download the pattern 
by clicking here.

Besides showing us this beautiful block
it seems that Jen and Richard were
married on this date years ago so
Moda asked all of the designers to
post a wedding picture.

Here are Pep and I walking down
the aisle after our ceremony
 at Calvary Lutheran Church in
Kansas City Missouri 50 years ago.
We got married on October 18, 1969.

Carrie at Moda asked all of the designers 
to post a wedding picture with Jen's block
so when we go see what the others have 
done with Jen's block we should get to see lots
of wedding pictures.  I can't wait.


 lets go see what the others have done with
Jen's  block and see their wedding pictures.

 Lisa Bongean -
 Lissa Alexander -
 Robin Pickens -

That should keep us busy for a while - 
See you next week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Block #26

by Janet Clare

 You can go to her blog to
download the pattern by clicking here.

Our Vintage book this month
is still

and besides a few of the quilts in
the book, I thought I would show you
some of the flowers I have on my porch.

Our front porch has brick walls on
3 sides and turns into an oven
during the summer so one of my
favorite kinds of plants are

They seem to thrive and add a 
lot of color.

If you want softer colors you
need to go around the house
to the deck.

Nancy's church gave her these
Pansys on Mother's Day.  
They were pretty gangly so I
pruned them back and put them in 
a different pot.  
They're hanging out here with some
flowers I bought at our local greenhouse.

I love these but haven't the slightest 
idea what they're called.

These, however are "Sea Flowers".
This beautiful Mariner's Compass quilt
was pieced by my daughter's friend
Theresa Offutt and quilted by Jeannne Zyck.
The pattern is in the book which you can
buy in our store by clicking here.
And it's our Vintage book this month 
so it's on sale. 

There's also a cute
Ladybug Quilt

Right now, however
 lets go see what the others have done with
Janet's  block.

Have a good evening and Stay Safe.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Free Ebook from Martingale

OK ladies, it's easy to win
a copy of Mini Charm Quilts.
an Ebook by our own
Lissa Alexander and

Simply make a comment, any
old comment and on Saturday, I'll have
the random number generator pick a

Be sure and leave your email address in
the comments so we can send it to you.

And since its an ebook you don't have to
live in the United States to win it.

Thanks and Stay Safe

Block 25 Happy Moda Wednesday

Block 25
Corner Garden
by Robin Pickens

You can go to her blog to
download the pattern by clicking here.

 Our first Vintage book this month 

You can go to the store to buy 
 it by clicking here.

This is a special week.
Moda and Martingale are
working together to do a little
give back to the community of quilters
we love so.

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you
about the free Ebook you can win.

But for now Now lets go see what the others have done with
Robin's block.

Have a good evening and Stay Safe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Block 24

Be My Neighbor
by Stacy lest Hsu

You can go to her blog to download
the pattern by clicking here.

I just love her block and would love to
make a gazillion little houses
but life got in the way.

Last Friday raccoons got into
our chicken houses.
Through a series of miscommunications
Jeff thought we were shutting up the
houses and we thought he was.

We lost almost all of our chickens
My big Lavender Orpington rooster and his hen
made it through, 1 Americauna hen and 1 banty hen.

We lost all of the others.
The only good thing about it was
the day that it happened.  That night the Amish in
Jamesport were having their monthly
small animal auction.

Nancy and I hopped into the van, drove to Jamesport

We got quite a few egg layers, 2 sets of Silkies and some 
beautiful gold chickens that I'm going to have to
research to find out what they are.
We also bought these 2 turkey babies for Zoie

We live trapped the big boar raccoon and his sow and
called our conservation officer.

Two babies (or kits) came and hung out
with their parents 

until the agent
could coral them and take them and their parents
over to Wallace State Park to be Let loose
in the woods. 
Don't let their cuteness take you in.  They'll 
grow up to be as destructive as all the adults.
(I had to keep telling myself that!)

And all of this was after cleaning out
3 houses, filling them with clean straw
 & rounding up feedersand waterers.

Ships, Stars & Whales is our featured 
quilt from the vintage book Oceans Aweigh.

My nephew Jewell had discovered my Father-in-Law's
recipe for podjarka which is printed in the book
and I promised to email him a copy.

That should do it.

Now lets go see what the others have done with
Stacy's block.

Have a good week ladies.