Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And we have a winner

Linda Schaefer of Ca emailed Tara the correct guess. There were a lot of correct guesses and Kendra drew Linda's name from them this morning. Congratulations, Linda. Each month next year you'll get a free Mystery Quilt block.
We have one kit left of Cabin in the Pines and will probably auction it off in January. For those of you who didn't get the kit and want to make the quilt, it will be a BOM that comes out with our next fabric line. In different fabrics, of course.
For those of you that got the Mystery Quilt this year, your last block will be mailed out soon. Have fun!


  1. Love your quilt, Congrats to Linda and thanks Jan for sharing, its so fun.

  2. It shows you why I never plan big quilts, lol.
    It hit me after I said tree, that it would be a bit much on that quilt, love the snowman block.


  3. How awesome for Linda. What a great way to spend the year, working on one of your quilts. Congrats to her.