Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring has got to hurry up

I don't know if you can see the cardinals or not. I think there are 7 or 8 in the trees. I counted 23 males out by the feeders the other morning when it was really cold.

This is our view off of the deck. The pond is to the left behind the trees. And it is beautiful ... BUT....

Can you tell that I am soooo ready for spring?


  1. I clicked on the picture and made it bigger, and YES there they are!!! Thank you for sharing the picture, we do not have Cardinals in Oregon. We have Blue Jays though. Your Cardinals are eye popping birds. I'm with you on the hurry up Spring feeling, its pretty windy today. We had a gorgeous weekend and I was thankful for that.
    I will enjoy my quilting while the weather takes its time.

  2. I am just a hop and skip away in Brunswick Missouri and also SOOOO ready for spring. I took my kids out to play today and muddy and cold and the sun tricked me into thinking SPRING. Soon I hope!

  3. I heard something about snow tomorrow, ugh.
    I am so ready for warm weather.


  4. We have snow flurries here in NH right now, so I am thinking we have a bit longer of a wait till Spring. It is coming though, and I long for the days when I can hang my clothes out to dry.

  5. That photo is just beautiful! We have a few cardinals here but we don't have a lot of trees for them. Thanks for sharing yours! :0)

  6. Jan,
    What is your secret for getting so many male cardinals? It seems we have very territorial boys in my yard...one is always chasing another away! Great photo of wash day too.
    brenda gervais