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Friday, November 5, 2010

Market Pics & Blog Hop

Oh the things some people do for their friends. Raggedy Andy here is Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. Before she got into quilting, she was a costumer. Obviously this was her idea. It turned out to be a lot of fun but waaaay out of my comfort zone. They did my first Moda interview on Halloween while I was in costume but unfortunately the sound didn't work right so they had to do it over the next day. Whew!!

My bosses Cheryl Freydberg and Mark Dunn of Moda Fabrics, a division of United Notions. Don't they look great?

And Debbie Outlaw - patterns buyer for United Notions. I had a good time taking pictures of ladies in witch costumes by my Witch is In wallhanging. I'll show you more over the next few posts - wouldn't want to leave anyone out.

But right now you probably want to hop on over to Granola Girl's blog to see what goodies she has posted. She does say that I'm the next blog on the hop but she didn't get the correction email I guess. I won't be until the 29th.
Have a good weekend ladies. I'm going to make cookies with the grandchildren and sit and stitch while they play outside in our gorgeous fall weather.
See you soon.


  1. OH...I was raggey andy one year probably two years as my mom made the costume and my sister was raggey ann..... red dye mop for her hair and I had the bangs from the same dyed mop sewn on my sailor hat !!

    Market pics are fun too.

  2. It is a fun costume. Jenny found the red mops at the Home Depot. Now who would look at a red mop while shopping at Home Depot and think WIG?

  3. Fun photos and costumes. Great time for the festival and an excuse to be silly.


  4. cute costumes...I never would have thought wig!
    Love the Witch is in quilt I should make that for my sewing room door!
    maybe the kids would stay out!