Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 9 - Coxcomb & Bird

Yesterday I was talking about how fast they grow up. This is the inside cover of Together Again - our book special for the month of January. Linda is holding the baby Jake. She told everyone that she had to hold him because he cried if anyone else held him. Hmmmm!

This is Jake on New Year's Eve in Pep's chair. I tell you, they have to stop this, it makes me feel old. Well, maybe not stop but slow things down a little.
I must say, prejudiced or not (and I am) we have some very nice grandchildren.

And really that has nothing to do with the kit that's on sale today except that Coxcombs have long been a favorite flower in Linda and my quilts. Together Again has quite a few quilts with coxcombs in them.

This is Coxcomb and Bird. The kit is on sale for 15% off and the pattern is $5.00 off.
Don't forget to use the promo code Holiday if your order is over $30.00 after discounts to get free shipping.

Be sure to go back to Day 7 and make a comment for a chance to win this year's Mystery Quilt.


  1. Hi Jan,
    Wonderful photos! Jake is a handsome young man.

  2. boy is he good looking...looks more alert in the second photo! lol