Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 5 - Just all over the country

Welcome to Day 5 of the Blog Hop.  
We had a really fun day yesterday hitting the garage sales - got Cullen and Quinn some neat after school clothes.  I'm off to Kansas City this morning to go to church and take Cullen and Quinn home.  And Strawberry the cat.  Can't forget her.  She always comes with Cullen.


Today the Fellowship pattern I'm showing you is "Santa Claus Lane".  I originally designed this at the request of Carol Veillon to put in the premier issue of "Simply Vintage", her primitive magazine.  But it's only in French so I made the little quilt again out of Fellowship.  It's fun to see your quilt in a magazine where you can only read the name of your quilt and your own name but I thought you all would like the directions in English.

And I decided to put "Garden Kisses & Hugs" kit on special today.  This has been a horrible gardening summer unless you wanted to use all the water for the surrounding area keeping your garden alive.  I didn't.  My dahlia got it's first bloom this week.  So I decided to bring my garden inside in a quilt.

Now hop on over to Iowa, New Jersey and California to see

and learn about the world largest Cheeto  :)


  1. Love both quilts. And the new fabric,

  2. Awesome quilts and fabrics line but Santa Claus Lane caught my eyes.

  3. It was that hot here too, and we didn't garden. They are completely bare little boxes. Sad. The quilts are quite wonderful!

  4. I hear and dry here in TX too. Love the pattern!

  5. Loved the Santa Claus Lane quilt so I had my sister, who lives in France, find the magazine and send it to me.

    1. Hope you understand French. Like I said, all I could really understand was the quilts name and my name. I'm trying to remember if the measurements were in cm, probably so. That's where I would have a problem.

  6. I have seen your quilt and other clothes these are rally awesome and ancient design look so cool. Egyptian Cotton