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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Virgil on the way out - Tulips on the way in.....

I knew the winter snowstorm had a name - it was Virgil.  Hmmm....  
Well, Virgil is fading fast and we're already seeing green in his wake.

Both the spring bulbs

and the beeskeps are on the south side of the house.  These pictures are from last year but except for the patches of snow there are signs of spring everywhere.

This is Tulips and Leaves (and Stars and Bees) and it's going on my couch for Easter.

I thought I'd take a few pictures of Lori's awesome quilting

since the quilting never shows up on the patterns and people quite often ask me for quilting ideas.

I am sooooo ready for tulips and soft spring days.  This has been quite a winter.

Tulip and Leaves is on sale all week for 15%off.

One Note - an important one if you've emailed us in the last week.  Our computer and our internet have been down since about last Thursday - maybe Wednesday night.  We couldn't get emails, nor could we ship anything.  We finally got things fixed last night and are up and running again.  And this morning when Tori went to check the emails, there were about 10 of them - for 7 days.  Think we lost a few.  If you've sent us an email recently and we haven't replied, please send it again.  You gotta love computers and the internet.

Hope you have a great Easter with lots of family, friends and good food.
And stitching, of course.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt for spring.
    The storms have wrecked havoc on a lot of states, I have noticed that some sites are down this week.


  2. Hi Jan,
    I have been emailing you since January about an order I placed in December but after an initial response from Byron I have heard nothing and received nothing. Could someone please respond to me and fix up my order as I'm missing $166 worth of fabric. I can be contacted at either of these email addresses:
    c.e.fisher(at)bigpond(dot)com or
    sorry to leave a comment here but I'm not sure how else to get in touch with you.

    1. I will check on this and the comment below. We have got to figure out what is going wrong here. I do apologize.

    2. Claire - This one is a little confusing. We do have a record of an order from you in December, for 2 patterns and a kit. They have been shipped. And they were more than $166.00 so we're not sure what you're missing. Are we missing a whole order? It doesn't show up on Goodsie. Tori has emailed twice today and hope you have gotten the emails. If you didn't get any of your original order, we will ship another out to you and then go about tracking the first one down. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. And don't worry about leaving a comment here. We've had so much trouble with our email that any type of communication is fine with us.

    3. Thanks Jan, I got the patterns in the original shipment but not the fabric that was part of the Pine Tree Ridge kit - Byron had said it would be sent way back in January but it still hasn't arrived. I've had emails from Tori today and she has told me the missing fabric from the kit will be posted to me tomorrow with a tracking number, so fingers crossed it should be here soon.

  3. Hi Jan, I also have had an order made since March 17th. I have called and left 6 phone messages to check on the status of my order. I have also sent about 4 emails to check on status. At one point the voicemail messages were full. My order number is 683120 for $66.56. I love your patterns and site and am sorry to leave you a message here but the telephone number 816-632-7632 no one answered this number and I also don't know how to get in touch with you. My email is ncquilter05@hotmail. I haven't received any replays to my email or voicemails. Thanks for checking into this. Linda

  4. Linda, Boy I love this communication hole we seem to be in. If you hit a voicemail message, the phone had been forwarded to Tori's cell phone and I had neglected to unforward it. Sorry about that. I do get focused when I'm designing. Also we're worried that the emails aren't getting out as well as not getting in. Tori had emailed you that the sandboards were backordered from Moda but apparently you didn't get it. They did come in this week and yours is on the way. You should have gotten the rest of your order already. And if noone answers the phone - it just rings - it means we're on the phone. Centurytel doesn't have a busy signal any more - it just rings. So don't feel bad about commenting here if you don't get something. We're glad to communicate however we can. Thanks for your patience.

    1. Jan, thank you so much for responding. I have not received any of my order and I did not get an email about the sand board delay. I sent another email today. Can you check and see where my entire order stands? Thanks. Linda

  5. Linda - this is just great. I got a copy of the email she sent you yesterday but you didn't get it. All of the order except the sandpaper board was sent within a couple of days of your ordering it. It should all be in a small envelope as the items were small. If you don't get it, please let us know. And here's the email she sent today with your sandpaper board tracking #. Linda,
    I am very sorry it has taken a bit to get the sandboard to you, we had a little trouble ourselves. They have decided to discontinue the sandboard that Jan loves so much and are coming out with a new one, however we did get the last 5 that they had in the warehouse and yours is on its way. Your tracking number is 1Z0E9E290397629107. Once again I apologize for your trouble. \

    I'm posting on the blog as we speak an alternative way to email us through Goodsie. It's the webased yahoo emails we seem to be having trouble with. Unfortunately it's the address that's printed on everything.

  6. Thanks Jan, I checked my emails today and didn't receive anything from you or Tori. I have not received the small package you are referring to nor have I received the sand board.

    Please advise. Linda

  7. Jan, I checked my invoice and here is what I ordered:

    2 sets appliqué needles milliners size 8 ,9
    1cedar creek kit
    1 cedar creek pattern
    1 sandpaper board
    You indicated the board has been shipped and another small envelope after my initial order . I don't know what was in the small envelope you mentioned but I still haven't received anything in the mail. Thanks for checking into this. Linda

    1. The other items were in the small envelope. And I'm glad you at least got the sandpaper board. I will have Tori ship everything else again tomorrow.
      And guess what. Our insurance company wants us to mailorder all of our prescriptions from now on. Wow! With our mail service, I hope I don't have a heart attack waiting for the meds. Sorry, but the mail service here is so spotty - and the internet service too. It keeps going in and out and I'm sure that's why we miss emails. Not sure what to do about it all. BUT - we will mail your kit, pattern and needles again tomorrow. :)

  8. UPDATE. Jan I received my sandboard today but the other items I mentioned above have not arrived. Please advise. Linda

  9. Linda, Tori mailed the kit, pattern and needles out Friday. Here's hoping you get the speedily. Jan

  10. Jan, I got the kit, pattern and 1 pack of needles. I actually paid for 2 packs of milliners needles size 9. Thanks for following up on my order. Linda

  11. Hi Jan! I won your Farmers Market Layer Cake and sent an email to Tori - but have not received the layer cake :( I see where you think some of the emails haven't been getting to you. My email address is Please advise. Thank you!

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