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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snow Day & Zoie's 13th

This is Snow Day, the other Crossroads BOM.  The first time I used 3 kids on a toboggan they were Kelly, Max and Brian.  That was a year or two ago in one of my first quilts Snowbound.  This time the kids in the toboggan are Aiden, Quinn & Cullen, Max's 3 sons.  The children in the bottom block are Brooke (with the lellow hat because lellow is her favorite color, she's 2) and Gabriel and Lilly.  They're 3 of Brian's 4 kids.

Children playing in the snow are a recurring theme in my quilts because they are so very awesome.  

Jake, Brian Jr & Zoie are teenagers and much harder to depict but they're pretty awesome too.

The quilt size is 70" x 68".  We have also gotten emails and phone calls asking us to kit it as well as Eagles & Roses.  So we're taking preorders for this kit now also.  I need the preorders to know how much fabric to order and again I have very little time before orders for Crossroads close  So if you want a kit from me, you need to order it now.  It will ship in late August or early September and will cost $215.00.  You need to email Tori at (Be sure to ask for a return email to make sure we got it) or call 816-632-7632.  We do take layaway orders.  I'm pretty sure there will be a tutorial on it, God willing and the creek don't rise.  

And speaking of Zoie - she had her 13th birthday on June 3.
Zoie loves pie.

She has always wanted a "pie in the face" birthday party.  So this year her mother bought all the ingredients, graham cracker shells, pudding packs and whipped cream.  And Zoie, Ashley and Cheyenne came to the farm.

This really was her idea and something she always wanted.  

To each her own. :)

She really did seem to enjoy it.

And I know Hunny and Spike did.

At least there wasn't just the pies.  Pep grilled chicken and made slaw and a yummy birthday pie for all of us.

I must say, the quilts I was stitching on stayed inside.


  1. hi dear I am delighted with his work, now I'm finishing a panel house that you did the tutorial with Jenny, is getting pretty well, so I'm in doubt now to make the quilt free what color line you use natural color?
    I live in Connecticut'm from Brazil, and I have a blog too
    parabens hands you have blessed

    1. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you're in doubt about. Language problems. You're doing really well. Not at all sure I would do as well. I'll check out your blog. Thanks.

  2. The new quilt pattern is gorgeous! Especially the snow men.

    Ha ha on the pie throw!

  3. Great new quilt! You always have great stories behind your quilts and fabrics...
    Love the pie in the face party! What a great gal! :-)
    I'm glad your stitching stayed indoors! lol!

  4. Another wonderful design. Zoey has a good sense of humor and a good sport, sounds like a fun day full of laughing with family.


    1. It really was Debbie. And thanks for all of your comments.

  5. Awe, come on Gramma! How fun.. And glad she likes lellow.

    Teenagers...what do they like? Games, cell phones, movies, sleeping and....oh wait...all too hard to put into a quilt. :o)

    Enjoy the day.

  6. I'm glad she likes "lellow" too. She is really a sweetie. And it's really hard to put a blaring radio 24/7 into a quilt. Maybe I should do a radio quilt....

  7. Will "Snow Day" be a pattern that will available for purchase ? Just the pattern ? Thanks.

    1. Yes, It should be in the store now. It is. Go to the store sight and do a search and it comes up. And please send me a jpg when you finish it. I love to see the different things people do. :)

  8. I am sorry honey,google translate does not work ,I loved your work and I wold like to know if you use tranparent line to quilt? I just posted my panel on my blog that I learned from your tutorial ..I living in Connecticut for a year I came from Brasil and I am learning english hahaha ,,,thanks xoxo

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