Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spell It With Fabric - Day 2 - D,E,F

Today is Day 2 and the letters are D,E, & F

so the quilt kit I chose to be on special today is Farmer's Market.
Boy, am I ready for spring - and birdhouses and gardens and bees.  I'll even give the rabbits some carrots.
You can order it by clicking here or on the name above.

Since I only have 6 new Front Porch patterns  I can't show you one every day, so I decided to show you come cute puppy pictures today instead.

This is Dobby - Jake's Welsh Corgi puppy - and he is a little spitfire.

He's playing with one of Jake's grey socks.  It's a tug-of-war toy.

He'll lay on his back and use both his front paws to hold it. 

He really is a ham - he's cute and he knows it.

Well, enough about Dobby.  This is a Blog Hop.  Lets get hopping.

Lets go see what Deb Strain - one of my favorite people - has been up to.
And then on to see two other very nice ladies, Kathy Schmitz and Joanne of Fig Tree.

See you tomorrow.  :)