Monday, May 26, 2014

May moves along .......

The last of our Amarylis bloomed.  We had almost given up but when it bloomed it did it in style.

Zoie Pearl graduated from the 8th grade last week.  She is such a pretty (and smart) little girl - who just keeps getting bigger.  
She got awards for physical fitness and for reading - a very good combination.

Outside Grandma Laird's (Audra"s) iris are blooming

as well as Great Aunt Odell's Poppies.

And while it's a week earlier this year Memorial Day
helps us remember all of those who have come before us

and especially this who have served our country so well.

Have a good Memorial Day.


  1. Wonderful flowers and gardens and your grand daughter is a beautiful young lady.


    1. Thanks Debbie about both the flowers and Zoie. We think she's pretty special.

  2. Amaryllis is SOOO gorgeous! We have a fun time growing them (though down here in Texas our bloom season was over some time ago). Love your gorgeous gardens!

    1. It would be great to have them grow somewhere besides in a pot. And I'll take what I can get - they are so pretty and Pep and I enjoy them every year. We were a little late this year and afraid this one wouldn't bloom.

  3. These are beautiful quilts. I'd like to learn to make some like these. I heard you can buy kits online.
    John Bond |