Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Better late than never.......

........... Or maybe we're just getting a jump on next year.
We do have Santa every year, you know.

Anyway, we finally got the tutorial up on Santa and how to do his small tree with it's layers and curves.
To watch the video click here
and to buy a kit or a pattern click here.

We hope you enjoy it.


  1. I watched your tutorial, you make it look so easy when I always feel all thumbs. Then you said the thumb is so useful I Loved it!
    Your little quilts are fun for decorating throughout the year.
    Happy Spring, I hope you are not getting to much snow like the east coast.

  2. Thank you. Although I'm dreaming of spring, Santa only seems appropriate as I sit watching even more snow falling.

  3. I like it ! see some of mine here