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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

And now it's November.........

But for awhile it looked like we had skipped a month.

Dobby, our Welsh Corgi is
discussing the situation with the 
stone puppy by the garden bench.
I think they decided that it was 
too soon for snow.

I found out the breed of my little chickens.
They are banty Mille Fluer D'uccles.
I am assuming with that name they are French.
Apparently the Mille Fluer are
the white dots on their feathers.

This is their comfy house with it's 
nests for laying eggs and their feeder.

They seem to have gotten a little
confused as to which was which.

And this is the November Mystery Quilt Block.
This yellow cat is new to the barn.
I leave the window to the grain room open a
crack except in the most severe weather.  
The window faces the south and is protected.

That way if one of the house cats goes out for
the night and isn't back by house curfew they
have a way to get out of the weather.
Well, Muffin Kitty is a stray who showed up
about 2 months ago and has made himself at
home.  He's settled in and loves being petted now
and getting his "wet food" treat every night.
(Dry food and water are a staple)

Since Halloween is over, it's time to turn about
the Fall Favorites Tablestand Quilt.  
Now we're headed for Thanksgiving.  To get
your pattern or kit for the 
quilt click here.  The Pumpkin and
Gate header is available now also.

Our Vintage book for the month 

with patterns for 12 fun quilts, 
pillows and stockings.  
To order your copy click here

It's time to get busy.
Christmas will be here before you know it. :)


  1. Fun-looking chickens and I love the Barn Cat Block!

  2. That is too cute with your dog conversing with the garden statue and the chickens getting confused...I know the feeling! LOL! Your chickens are very pretty. I love the Thanksgiving quilt kits. They are now on my list and yes, Christmas....oh my! I'd better run! Take care!