Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pep & Bruce now

You've seen pictures of Bruce Gervais and Pep in their wedding tux's. Here they are with Hassan at Fall Market in 2009.

They were watching people get their pictures taken in the Moda frame and commenting, I'm sure.
I think they've both just gotten better and better looking each year.
And I am only slightly prejudiced. They both turned out to be "keepers".


  1. Hi Jan! Happy Belated Anniversary! I hope you both got to put your feet up and truly enjoy the day. Your booth looked great at Market. Sorry I didn't get to stop by and say Hi! Take Care! Amy

  2. Even hubbies get "into" it - they just don't like to admit it. Hubby was sitting in a comfy chair last week at the quilt shop while I was doing my "thing" and then another hubby joined him. LOL - they found plenty to talk about - then I found out - they were actually talking about what sewing machines each of the wives had...LOL