Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is going to be short because it's taken us last night and half of this morning just to find the picture files after we loaded them onto the computer.

Computers are NOT my thing. Luckily Pep is along. The booth is in the convention center which is not airconditioned (in the set up area only). It is warm (hot,muggy) in Houston at this time of year - I think mostly all year and it rained most of yesterday. Sandy and Bruce ran around in the rain all morning looking for a bench to put pillows on and didn't find one. I lent Sandy a stand and a couple of wire baskets and it looks great.

Here at the end of the day, Bruce and Mark Dunn (pres. of United Notions) discuss weighty matters.


  1. Ooh, what an inviting space. Texas may be big but I'll take the "small spaces" anyday. LOL

  2. No AC? Uhggggg...what are they thinking! Your space looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. Your booth looks wonderful, the setting and the quilts give it such a warm and inviting feel.


  4. Oh Jan I Think the booth looks great, love the house quilt with the flags around it and the quilt on the right with the house in the center and the pineapples on top is wonderful...
    can't wait to see more! good LUCK!!!!!
    hope it is a very successful market for you.

  5. Your booth is wonderful. I just found your blog by Julieann's blog who was a winner a while back of one of your giveaways.