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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is where you could find me since we got back from Market. Notice the distinctly modern chair. That's what enables me to work at the computer for long periods of time writing instructions for patterns with my bum knee. I tore the cartilage in the back of my knee and sitting for long periods became pretty painful (as did walking, yada, yada, yada). My great husband did some research and ordered the chair for me. It is a godsend.

I got the patterns finished and moved on to this year's Girl Gang instructions - the quilt is called "Wisdom House" Here it is in tan. It's shipping to the Girl Gang shops as we speak with only a slight interruption because Tara's son and then Tara got sick.

Occasionally during the last month I got to leave the computer and walk up to the office.
Lillies, coneflowers and marigolds were showing off.

Walking through the garden finally made me remember to have Shannon post Garden Kisses and Hugs on the website. This isn't a "Club" quilt so it won't go out automatically. You have to order it. I really like it so we decided to offer a few kits.

And finally today I got to play a little. I went to the loft and got "Ring Around the Posie" to put on my bed for the summer. It's red and green which is usually Christmas, but right now I think it looks summery and gardeny and like the 4th of July - even without the blue.
And then I went back to the loft and made two of my knot pillowcases to go with it.

I brought down the rest of the 4th quilts yesterday so that part is finished. On to cleaning and cooking. We always have a full house.
Have a good one, ladies.


  1. oh Jan LOVE the new girl gang quilt, something about house quilts just makes me happy, I have to order this!
    Love the quilt on your bed too, I think red and green quilts are year round quilts :)
    glad the chair is making a difference for you.

  2. Love the Garden Kisses and Hugs quilt. That is lovely and something I need to check into:)

    So is that chair a therapeutic one? I'm interested.
    Glad it's helping you out:)

  3. Yes, the red quilt does looking kind of summery. I could look at your quilts all day long......

  4. I love-love-love the Wisdom House quilt. There is not a Girl Gang Club in my area, can we order the patterns/kit? for it from you at your site. The Houses have always been my favorite.

  5. I love the Wisdon House Quilt. I also like the way you did the ring around the posie pillow shame. The way you have made your pillow case long and tied in a knot looks very fun. I am going to give it a try.