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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Auditioning a summer pillow cover

When I started my website back when the dinosaurs roam there wasn't any e-comerce, the websites were just for information. Way back then I had a section called Jan's Notes where once a month I just talked about what was going on - in my quiltworld, with the kids and the farm. Then when blogging came around it turned into a blog.
There is a problem with me and blogging. I don't do it very often first because I don't have time but mostly because I don't have much to say. I am not a historian like Barbara Brackman nor funny like Sandy Gervais or Laurie Simpson. I just love their blogs. And most of my ongoing projects are pretty big, not small and quick like Alma and Barb's or Moda Home Mom. (And I keep things current by posting the latest wallhangings and BOM blocks on the side.) So I finally decided to stop stressing about it and just do what I'd always done.

BUT!!! - this month I do have something somewhat small I can show you. The bed was too bare with just the knot pillowcoverings so I decided to applique a pillow cover that went with Ring Around the Posie.

I thought a basket with the same flowers would look good with the quilt. For the basket I found a remnant of a Gatherings print that seemed to go best with the quilt and say "summer". There was enough of the print to do my pillow cover and make 8 kits. We'll probably do something with them that ties in with buying a Posie kit since there are so few. More on that later.
What I'm trying to decide now is whether to use red or green for the binding (no ruffle, just binding) and whether to put a star in the upper left corner. There is a star in the center flower of each block. It would look good, I think, but on the other hand I like the uncluttered simplicity the way it is. Decisions, decisions.
I welcome your comments and we'll do a drawing Monday for a Remembrance Turnover. I used a lot of Turnovers in the patterns that will come out this fall.
Can't wait to see what you think.
Oh, and to answer questions about the chair. It's an Aeron chair (I think I spelled that right) and it's construction is supposed to relieve the pressure on you while sitting. It really works. I'm still a little stiff when I get up but I can stand and walk. Until I got this chair, that wasn't always possible without tears. You can google it here


  1. star (although I love them) but like you I like the simplicity ..I would have to go with green binding...but then I am partial to green...

  2. Love the pillow!!! I'd put a star in center of the two outer flowers that read solid. Green binding or perhaps that pinky red that is in the quilt.....Decisions!

  3. The pillow is great just like it is - simple. I think that a red binding would look good but you will make the right decision as you always do!
    Linda O.

  4. You're never boring, Jan!!! I always intend to make shams and it never happens! Maybe you're the push I need to get at it!

    (By the way, I'm the lady that pieced Birds of The Air for you almost 12 years ago!!!)

  5. Pretty basket ! I'd go with pink for the binding, and NO star.

    Thanks for the entry for the turnover !

  6. I love this! Okay, I love stars so much, and while I love the simplicity of it without, I think stars gives it that bit of prim. And I think green would make it feel very summery :o)

  7. Love the quilt and the pillow. How about two or three sides in one colour and the rest in the other? Maybe a star in one of the flowers the same as the quilt.
    That Gatherings fabric is one of my all time favourites - it's on my bed in the Low Burn Farm border.

  8. This is such a refreshing basket with flowers. I know you said no ruffle, but a half inch to one inch pleated ruffle (nothing full, almost skimpy) would be darling in either red, green, or same fabric. Also, since pillowcases are all the rage, how about making one up with three stars on the wide hem and tiny cluny edging. A bough with flowers and stars could be used, too.

  9. I like the simplicity of the pillow. I would not add a star & I would go with the red binding.

  10. I like a red binding and I like the idea of star in the flower centers. Keep it simple. Green binding wouldn't frame it well.

  11. Green bindng and maybe a star among the flowers?

  12. I think the red that is on the quilt blocks would be beautiful on the pillow and bring it all together. Love how it looks.


  13. love the basket of flowers...hmmm looks like that would make a great center for a medallion quilt!
    oh Jan love reading your blog!
    keep writing.

  14. Love the block as is! Simple is my policy.

  15. I think you should use both. Frame it out in one color, then bind it in the other color. I would use the stars.
    Connie F

  16. looks beautiful. How about a star on the vase instead of the flower or corner?
    And I think red or pink for the binding. How will you decide....looks like we are splitting the vote for you... half say red half say green.
    such a gift you have what ever you chose will be perfect.
    Thank you for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabric.

  17. I've changed my mind. Don't put any stars but I still think the red binding is right.

  18. How about a stipe binding on the bias to bring in both of the colors. I think it is going to be great no matter what you pick.

  19. I really like it just as it is and I would definitely go with the green-more interesting! Anyway, it is a very pretty set.