Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots of Thanks

Ok, so I put the pictures up backwards. This is one of my birdhouses in the garden - it seems to need dusting.

And the basil and peppers in the beds are doing well and share their room with the last of the lettuce and Quinn's sunflowers he planted himself. I haven't taken down the markers for the radishes and cucumbers. Actually the cucumbers weren't here at all. They grow on a trellis.
But I use the green markers to mark the rows of lettuce and the red ones (beets, etc) for the radishes.

Here's where I got with the pillow cover. The star isn't sewn on so it looks a little big but I think it will stay. I made it out of the same fabric as the center stars on the quilt. On the pillow cover it's subtle and I like that. Now off to the quilter and when it comes back I'll get to decide on the binding.

Thanks to all for their input. It was pretty divided but it's still helpful to get all the different opinions and reasons. Oh and Luned, if you will email Tara at info@janpatekquilts.com she'll ship your Turnover. Thanks again.


  1. I just love the quilt on the bed, the pink and green are so pretty.

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  3. Oops, sorry I deleted instead of editing my comment.
    I just wanted to say Wow and thank you so much. I've never won anything before and to win some of your gorgeous fabric is wonderful! Thank you so much.
    Also, the star is just right there - perfect!