Friday, June 27, 2014

A new member of the animal family at the farm

This is our new friend Bopper.  
We showed you a picture of Quinn holding him so you would get an idea of his size.  
He's a really big boy.

He's also very soft and cuddly.  And he likes to be held - sometimes.
Sometimes he wants to run and play.
He's living in the baby chicken's brooder house since they grown enough to live in the big chicken house.
He seems to really like it here.

He was a house bunny for awhile at Kelly's but he like to nibble on electrical cords so he came to live at the farm for safety reasons.
His safety and everyone else's.
And so their phones could charge  :)

He's not afraid of dogs.

Anyway, to celebrate his arrival we're putting all the books and patterns that have bunnies in them on sale for half price for a week.  
We think we found them all but if you find one we missed one let us know and we'll give  it to you for half price too.

I'd better hop along now and start getting out my 4th of July quilts.
The years just seem to fly by lately.
Have a good week ladies.


  1. That is one big rabbit, lol.


  2. Oh my goodness!! He really is a big boy! He looks very at home with your family. Wishing him a wonderful, happy life on your farm!! Congratulations on such a great addition to your family!!