Friday, June 20, 2014

We're at home and we've been busy.

June 6, 1944

Pep and I watched hours of shows on the massive undertaking that freed Europe from Hitler's Germany.  It was the largest amphibian landing in history and was awe-inspiring.
Which inspired me to design this little kit.
It will come out later as a pattern.

28" x 28"

You can order a kit by clicking here
Or you can just look at it :).

Have a good weekend ladies.
I'm staying at home and one set of grandkids is due.
No Phillipines  :)
Lots of love and stitching.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and I do love americana. I have one of your older freebies with the eagle and flowers in the corner, haven't had time to make it, so maybe this week. Bill and I love to watch old war movies, something we have in common.


  2. I love this too, all your creations are marvy. Keep it up. Look forward to each one. Did you watch the D-Day special?

  3. Let Freedom Ring is beautiful!

    Jan, I hate to post this here...but I've tried calling and emailing. Just wondering when orders from Mother's Day will ship. Eagerly waiting in TX. :)

  4. The new kit is great! I love eagles and on a quilt, what could be better?

  5. We watched numerous D-Day specials. My husband DVRd them all. My Father-in-law was commander of a minesweeper - not on D-Day but in the pacific and received a bronze star for sweeping during a typhoon.