Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Here's my "Flags of the American Revolution" quilt that Jake hung in the foyer yesterday.
The Kansas City Star Book is awesome.  In my original Girl Gang pattern I wrote a small paragraph on the history of each of the individual flags in the quilt.  For the Star book Edie McGinnis did massive amounts of research and wrote a full page of very interesting history on each flag.  Thanks to her its a history book as well as a quilt book.
There are also 8 additional quilt and rug projects.

Here's Dobby helping us pin the quilt to the board we hang it on.

And here's our latest Table Stand Quilt - "Wings of Freedom".  
Luckily Dobby and Spike can't find a way to lay on it :)
The tutorial should be uploading soon.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th.


  1. I hope you had a wonderful day today. We are at back end of the hurricane so rain and wind today.


  2. Love that little stand and the eagle is so prim ..

  3. That book sounds so interesting. Must look it up..Also love the eagle and can't wait for tutorial..