Friday, August 15, 2014

August 14th - an Auspicious Day

This is a picture that is on the inside front cover of Together Again,  a book of quilts by my friend Linda Brannock and I.  Linda is holding my baby grandson Jake, the son of our daughter Kelly.  (Linda told everybody that she had to hold him because  he cried if anyone else did :))

This is a picture of Jake this summer at the Smithsonian - such a good looking young man, even if I do say so - and I do!  :)

Yesterday was his 18th birthday - 8-14-14.
We all enjoyed a great birthday dinner cooked by my husband Pep (I did make the cake).

Now I'd like to introduce Amira, my grand niece, born on 8-14-14 at 8:52 am.  

She is my late brother Jim's great granddaughter.
It's pretty neat to have a birthday cousin.
Isn't she awesome?
Welcome to the world, Amira. 

And this is a Fat 1/4 bundle of Castlewood, my latest fabric line that started shipping to stores on August 14th.

All in all August 14th was a pretty neat day.


  1. That is a pretty great day! My brother and oldest daughter share the same birthdate and my younger sister and nephew share the same birthdate! Makes for some fun family birthdays :) Love the new fabric, I will have to grab a bundle from my local quilt shop!

  2. How wonderful. Happy birthday to them both

  3. Such a pretty name for such a pretty baby!! Love your new fabric line!!

  4. August 14 is my birthday too, so it is a neat day. Your new fabric range looks lovely.

  5. Oh, just a bundle of Preciousness..Love newborns! so angelic..Lovely name..