Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today is Epiphany - the day the Magi brought gifts to the baby Jesus.

This is my Bible Quilt - it hangs in my loft year round.
Since today is Epiphany, we thought we would put it on sale for half price this week - kind of our gift to you.

This is a picture of a quilt that our friend Kari Harter made for one of her friends to give to her mother for her 75th birthday.
Isn't it awesome?
I just love it.

And this is Violet White enjoying her winter home in the chicken house.
It's a bit chilly outside in her summer home in the chicken yard.
Usually she complains if I bring her inside - bangs on the door and wants out.
Not this time.

So - taking my cue from Violet White - I'm going to stay inside - and maybe do a little quilting.


  1. A friend got me a used copy and I did start it, then messed up by cutting one of the ostriches backwards, three times, so I gave up, lol. I need to rethink how I was making it and maybe start over, I only finished one block.


  2. so is the price for the patterns for the whole quilt? meaning, am I signing up for a BOM for $36 month or am I just buying al of the patterns and gathering my own fabric choices?

  3. You are buying the patterns only and gathering your own fabric. The pattern was originally set up for shops to sell and teach (and maybe kit) as a BOM

  4. I have chickens too. They are the highlight of my days. I like them as much as I like sewing. I'm looking forward to your next line.