Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another busy month!

First, Hawthorn Ridge is shipping to your local quilt shop as we speak.
It may already be there.
Lots of yummy rich, dark colors for Fall and the holidays.

This is the Hawthorne Ridge BOM.  

You can buy the pattern for the BOM and all the new Hawthorn Ridge patterns from us now by clicking here.
And watch the Craftsy Website for the kit.

This is Wednesday Witch, one of my favorite little Halloween witches.  You can buy a pattern or a kit to make Wednesday by clicking here

This is Punkin Heads (our special this week) so hop on over to the store and pick up your kit or pattern.  Halloween is just around the corner.

I don't usually show works in progress but I am this time because I'm stumped.
This is my Fall Table Stand quilt in progress - just the bird left to appliqué -

with a house, tree, bird and pumpkin on the front

and 4 acorns on the back.

I don't have a name for it yet and I'm busy, busy, busy.  (I'm giving a lecture and workshop this month at the Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild in Illinois as well as taping a show for PBS in Iowa.)
Anyway, I don't have time to think up a name for the little quilt.


If you will put a name in the comments section, I'll have Tammie and Brittany pick one at the end of the month and we'll give a kit away to the winner.  Maybe two if they just can't agree.

Happy quilting ladies.


  1. Hmm, not sure if my brain is any better, lol.
    How about, Harvest Homestead.


  2. Cottage at Oak Hollow (The quilt is adorable!)

  3. I was going to suggest Harvest Home but Debbie beat me to it! Another idea is Home for Thanksgiving.

  4. "Autumn Happenings" is my suggestion.

    Charlotte S.

  5. Darling quilts! Love the new BOM. You sure sound busy. Thanks for keeping us posted on your whereabouts. K-

  6. Cute! How about Swaying Oak Lane?

  7. Love your little quilt it's cute! As for a name that's pretty hard for me because I'm german and thinking about a name in another language isn't that easy. How about Autumn House? Or Cozy Cottage? I think it looks really cozy like someone is sitting inside with a cat at her feet and a quilt in hand:-)

  8. Could it be Acorn Cottage,
    Or Woodview?
    It's a very cute design.
    Best wishes,
    Jan Moore

  9. Love the pattern! How about Fall Frolic? Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  10. Beautiful! You have a lovely blog. :)

  11. Since it is a Fall pattern "Let the Acorns Fall " Love all your patterns .So I hope they choose Me

  12. nice collection indeed and lovely quilt too!....blackbird autumn is my entry

  13. Not sure if I can do more than one so here is a couple more .
    " 2015 Acorn Lane" and "Acorns ,Leaves A House And A Tree "

  14. Love the new block! How about Acorn Grove or Acorn Ridge!

    1. Just thought of another name....Autumn's Bounty.

  15. Great block and great name ideas! How about Fall's Arrival

  16. Harvest Home was the first to come to my mind.... and Autumn Splendor is the second...
    Anyways, good to hear from you on the blog here... I'm patiently awaiting the Hawthorne Ridge fabrics to arrive at shops... now you have my interest peaked by mentioning Craftsy! Are you working on a class? :-)

  17. I love the touch of blue in this. Names wise how about;
    Oak's Fall or From the Field? There's always the idiom Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow but it's a bit of a mouthful?

  18. The blue bits really make this! It is a wonderful Table Stand Mini Quilt! How about "Once in a Blue Moon"? Everyone is submitting fabulous ideas, you will certainly have a tough time choosing. I will remain hopeful, as I would love this pattern! By the way I love your posts on Facebook....always a highlight as I scroll through daily. Kristy

  19. I like "Acorn Hill". Great design Jan!

  20. Very sweet and I love the acorns! I'd name it Home for Autumn.

  21. Love this block! How about Acorn Hollow?

  22. How about "as the acorns fall "

  23. I don't know if you will get this as a duplicate, but my entry is "Pumpkin House 2015".

  24. Blessed is my suggestion…that is how I always feel in the fall.