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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Moda Blockheads Block #6 - Sunflower by Carrie Nelson

It finally feel somewhat like Spring here in Missouri.  My Crabapple tree out front is drop-dead gorgeous and little bunnies are hopping around everywhere.
To celebrate we've put the BOM pattern for Birds and Bunnies
on sale for 25%off.
We might as well bring spring inside the house too.

To order one you can click here.
We also have a very few kits we made up since we kept getting inquiries about it.

And now, of course, what you really came for - the pattern for the Block this week - Sunflower by Carrie Nelson of Moda.
Since Carrie doesn't design fabric, I decided to do her blocks out of my line "Coral Bells".
You can get the pattern and any tips she has for making the block by going to Modas Blog 

And then saunter over to the other ladies and see what they've done with the block.

I'm taking off to the hospital to get a new hip for my husband.
And taking lots of stitching with me, of course :)


  1. Love your block!
    Good luck to your husband with his hip surgery hope everything will go well:-)

  2. Oh!!! Wishing Pep all the best and a quick recovery!!! Thank God nowadays a hip tep is an every day surgery - he will be better very soon and enjoy walking without pain!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Susanne. That's what I keep telling him :)

    2. Good!!! He will need walking sticks, an elevated toilet seat, a gripper to pick up things and a seat for the shower. But you will know this already. As I said - all the best for him!

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  3. Best of luck in your new role as "nurse" and hope Robert has a speedy recovery.

  4. I hope your hubby's surgery goes well. I'm so sad to see the picture on the right side of your blog of Spike. I remember when you got him. He was such a sweet boy. So sorry for your loss. :(

  5. I love the Coral Bells fabrics. As a new quilter I am learning so much and starting to gather fabrics from the Block Head designers, as well as some of the tools recommended. Enjoying the Block Head club and reading the designers' blogs. Thank you!