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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Good Heavens - It's June

Spring Market is over
and in case you can't tell I came 
home to plunge straight into designing
quilts for my latest fabric line
Clover Meadow.

Which is why I haven't 
been blogging lately.

But it is June and July follows June
so lets get ready for the 4th.

Our book special this month is Liberty Garden -
with patterns for 9 quilts and

wallhangings with a patriotic theme.

You can order your copy by clicking here.

Our Deal of the Week is the 
Cabin in the Pines BOM for half price.
You can buy it by clicking here.

Come back next Blockheads Wednesday 
(no- we're not doing another Blockheads quilt
as far as I know but as one of the original 8, 
Wednesday will always be Blockheads Day to me).

Anyway, I'll see if I can find an Eagle Quilt Kit 
to ease us into the 4th.

Keep quilting ladies.


  1. My favorite - patriotic themed quilts! Love your work. Thanks for your post.

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