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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Its Still June......

And I did get an eagle kit 
ready for the 4th.
Well, since I'm pretty busy designing
quilts for my next fabric line 
Clover Meadow, what I 

did was do an old favorite in new fabric.
This is Let Freedom Ring - 2019
and you can get the kit by clicking here.
You can at least get the top done by the 4th
and we seem to have a 4th of July every year 
so you're set.  :)

And since our website decided to go
on the fritz last week and tell people we didn't ship 
to Colorado or Wyoming or New York 
or wherever (Aargh!) I decided to leave Cabin
in the Pines on Sale for another week too.

Have fun ladies and
Keep Quilting.

1 comment:

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