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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Block #1 of Blockheads 3 - - - What a Week!!!!

since it's way past Friday
lets announce the winner of the 
Blockheads book.
It's Katherine who said 
she always loved sampler quilts
so Blockheads was right up her alley.
Katherine if you will email your snailmail
address to Tammie at
she will send your book to you.

last weekend with
Cullen and Quinn.
Quinn as usual spent the
weekend in front of the computer.
He is our beloved computer nerd.
Cullen spent part of his time outside
taking pictures.

Dobby, our Corgi,  had to help Jeff 
blade the drive with the Kubota.
Jeff couldn't have managed without him.

Cullen took the pictures of the birds 
through the kitchen window.

I just love my cardinals and
the little Snowbirds (Juncos)

Now at long last,
Corey's block-
Star Chain  

She said that it incorporates 2 of her
favorite themes in quilting
Stars and Irish Chains.

I used a dark purple and medium green 
from my latest fabric line
Clover Meadow as well as the ivory solid.

You can get the pattern to make your block from
her blog by clicking here
I can't wait to see hers and yours.
This is going to be a fun quilt.

Did you ever have a week where everything
seemed to go wrong?
Well, I just had one.

First, my graphics program quit working.
No problem, I'll just call Adobe and they'll fix it
it's happened before.  Only this time
our internet (which is always slow - 
we live in the country - way off the information
highway) got even slower and eventually quit
working at all.  At the moment I'm using the hotspot
on Pep's phone which will work for something
small like my blog but not for downloading
a big graphics program. 

And, it being the first of the year, I'm not only working
on Blockheads 3 but also on my 12 month Mystery
Quilt for 2020.  Only right now I'm not working on it - 
I can't even print out my pattern pages.

So Adobe just called me back and we spent an hour
trying to download my program and didn't get
it done.  Tomorrow morning I have to take Pep
to Kansas City to see his lung doctor for a check up.
Then tomorrow afternoon Adobe will call and
we'll try again.
I just love things I have no control over --- NOT!!!

Next thing to go wrong was my
Deal of the Week.
It's 20% off the Cardinal  Mini
from Blockheads 1. The price includes
the little hanger.  The picture won't load.
It says the URL is wrong and it doesn't come
from an url.
Anyway, here's the jpg and you can
get it at the sale price
by clicking here.

I think I'll go shut up my chickens for the night.
That I can control.

I really like the new Mystery Quilt -----
It's called Susanne's Snowmen.
  I'll keep you posted.  


  1. Technology....fabulous when it works....and a real bugger when it doesn't! Very frustrating! I hope you get things fixed soon....looking forward to seeing some peeks of the mystery quilt! :-)
    Your Blockheads block is so pretty! Makes me think of Spring! :-)
    Wishing you and Pep all the best with the checkup!

  2. Screeeaaaming here across the pond!!! Susanne's Snowmen!!! Aaaawwww!!! Can't wait to see a first pic of it! Jan you're the best!!! Thank you!!!
    I hope your computer will be your friend again soon and I'm hoping for only the best results for Pep!!!
    Beautiful pics! They make me feel homesick. I wish I was there....

  3. Thanks for the link a bit early....I started on my block.

  4. Wish we had bought a Corgi instead of a Mini Australian Shepherd! She has to run all the time! I like your block. I’m using an older line in similar colors. Thanks for sharing your block!

  5. Hang in there Jan! We need you! I got my kit for Home Sweet Log Cabin Home last week and spent most of the weekend working on it while the projects with deadlines still say on my shelf! I'm almost ready for the appliance part which is my favorite part. Blessings!

  6. Well I certainly should of checked my post before hitting Publish!!! That's what happens when the computer takes over!

  7. Love Clover meadow, I purchased that bundle for my Blockhead 3 quilt❤️