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Friday, January 17, 2020

Blockheads 3-Block #1, part 2

Star Chain 
by Corey Yoder

To download the pattern
for the center block click here.

Most of the blocks I do for Blockheads 3
will be 8" blocks but I did Star Chain
in 12" because I want to make it into
a pillow to go with the final quilt.

And since my InDesign program where
I design my blocks and write 
all my instructions isn't on the computer right now 
(we're not sure why it disappeared and have been 
trying for 4 days to download it again.), I'll have to 
show you how to do that later.  
(If you want to wing it on your own, 
the stop border is 1" wide and the outer
 border is 2".)  I cut the batting 6" 
larger than the block and borders 
-3 on both sides- and will put it in 
my hoop and quilt it.  We'll get back to you 
later with better instructions.

Meantime lets see what the other Moda 
designers have done with Corey's block.

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