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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12 - Minick & Simpson & Playing Possum

First - you have simply got to hop over to the Minick/Simpson blog and see Laurie's bed. I swear, I always love to read her blog. Usually I end up chuckling and feeling like it's a better day when I finish and today is no exception. And of course, I love their fabric.
Back in Missouri, it's Saturday - washday - the sun is out and the snow should be gone (except for the giant hills) by the end of the week. Oh whew! Good ole groundhog. I'm sure we'll get another blast of winter but for now - whew!

This isn't a groundhog but he (or she) has been visiting since it got very cold. One morning when I opened the chickenhouse, there it was, curled up asleep in one of the chicken nests. Apparently it had been hiding the night before when I shut up the house. It's probably the same possum that has been eating cat food on the deck. I had checked with my brother Jim (he a vet) who told me they don't carry rabies so that worry was gone. BUT before shutting the house up that night - it was still asleep - I googled possums to find out what they eat - besides cat food. Apparently they mostly eat mice, snakes and insects - fine with me. It probably came in to catch the mice that always follow the grain. It was a lot warmer than outside so he stayed.

It's been here about a week. It's asleep when I gather the eggs at night and asleep when I fill the feeders and waterer in the morning. Don't tell Pep but I put a little cat food out for it :)
On a totally different note, Happy Birthday to Mr. Lincoln. And since this is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, I'm making (with a lot of help from Tori) a homespun quilt using Lincoln's Platform blocks. It's coming along splendidly. The piecing is easy and the visuals are - wow. Wait until you see it. We'll probably kit it.
More clothes to hang and a quilt to make.


  1. That is a relief to hear about the rabies...we have a very large possum visiting out yard and it had me worried. (he eats the dog biscuits that my terrier "buries" out back!)

  2. possums are pests! at night if I forget to bring in any cat food that hasn't been eaten possums or skunks will come right up on the deck and eat it. Be careful of the possums - they have large pointed teeth - ugly critters indeed!!

  3. Oh, he is so cute all snuggled up.
    My kids found a dead one on the road once and started playing with, then they heard little squeals. She was carrying babies when a car hit her, so luckily we found them. A local wildlife shelter took them in, so hopefully they are out somewhere being possums.


  4. I think the possum looks pretty darn cute all curled up in there!

  5. Great pictures, I remember all the critters that would take refuge in our barn when we lived up in the mountains in WA. state. The snow covered grounds look so peaceful, just like winter should look, I think I miss the snow, well maybe NOT!!Headed to the beach today for some sunshine.

  6. I've raised baby 'possums and they can be the sweetest things ~ but they are wild and need to stay wild :)
    Looking forward to SPRING here in Virginia!

  7. Your possum is pretty cool! We live along the Sierra mountains in Nevada and had a bobcat visit us Christmas morning - he was beautiful! We always see bear and deer, but this is only the second time I've seen a bobcat and never one that was four feet away! (Our cats live indoors and the wild critters usually get chased away by our lab). It's interesting the different kinds of wild animals across our beautiful land! Happy Valentines Day!