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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well - SHE loves the snow! And payment options.....

It's snowing again!!!!
This is Cutler. She's a Siberian Husky puppy that we're puppy sitting for a friend until he gets his fence built. She doesn't mind the snow at all. I think she wonders why we all go in the house instead of staying outside and playing. She comes in because we're inside but she'd much rather play in the snow.
She is beautiful. Her eyes are blue and her fur is soft like a bunny's. And she has enough energy to run and pull a sled all day long - every day. Fills me with joy just to watch her run. Tires me out too.

Inside, where things are warm enough for people, I'm designing new quilts and thinking of spring.
We're having a sale on Basket Patch - regularly $149.95 - this week only $100.00. (We need some space on our shelves.) It has soft, gentle colors - some blues the same blue as Cutler's eyes. And flowers - I am so ready for flowers. I'm not ready for mowing the grass yet but maybe for some crocus.

Now for the payment options part. Most of you know that at the moment we can't take credit cards. We were the object of some credit card fraud (orders using someone else's credit card) and the Credit Card processesor that we had at the time (First Data - a big one) didn't bother to tell us that they really weren't set up for internet orders. Their security system just didn't have the checks it needed. So until we get everything straightened out - and it's like working with a bowl of spagetti - we can't take credit cards.
We've built a new store where you can check out with Paypal or Google. You don't have to have an account with them - it's good if you do, but even if you don't, you can use your credit card on their site which is secure.
If you're a member of one of our clubs we can't just charge your card and ship your order. What we can do is invoice you through Paypal or if you've had issues with Paypal we can invoice you through They both have secure sites where your credit card information is safe. Or, of course, you can always opt to send a check. We can either send you an email that the Club is due to ship or if you're a long time customer, we'll just ship it and you can pay us. Just let us know how you want to be invoiced.
And since Tara quit with no warning (and no training of her replacement) we're kind of fumbling around in the dark. Max (Byron) has been working hard to figure things out and to see if there's anything to be done about the credit card situation. Every time he thinks things are figured out, something else comes up. Our priority right now is to get you your kits and products as quickly and as safely as possible.


  1. Things certainly seem to pile up all at once, don't they. Everything went smoothly for me getting started with the Bible quilt BOM and have the first block and will be starting on it this weekend. Take a deep breath... all will work out!

  2. so sorry to hear of the credit card troubles you are having :( good luck getting it sorted out

  3. What a cute pup, would be hard to give him back.
    Hope things settle down, nothing like too many things going wrong at once.


  4. Jan, I want to be a member of your FQ club now you have paypall, I an very happy whit it,but how can i do it!? I wrote a mail to Tara, but I think she did,nt receive it and on your site I can,t find out how te be a member.

    Warm greetings, Jeannet ( Holland)

  5. Wow, I agree with Debbie, Cutler is adorable. You are going to want to keep her. So sorry Tara quit, wish I lived close enough to come take her place. I would love to retire from the job I have and work with fabric. Best wishes in getting everything worked out.

  6. Jan - I have a couple suggestions for you for your "credit card" accepting dilemma that are quite easy. If you are interested, shoot me an email. I feel for ya!