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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kate Spain - Master Plumber & Breadmaker - Day 8

You really must hop on over to Kate's blog and read all about her. She is a very interesting person who seems to be able to tackle almost anything - sinks, faucets and bread. By the way, Kate, my husband makes bread to relax too. His sourdough starter has been in the fridge "since the dinosaurs roamed" and makes the best bread in the world. Jake and Zoie spend most weekends with us and the first thing Jake does when he gets here is make toast out of Pop's bread. And while you're at Kate's be sure to register for her Jelly Roll.
We were all wowed at Market when she told us that these were her first quilts. Her pillow is darling.
And speaking of pillows - We have a pillow winner!
Kay who is a vet tech - please email your information to and we'll mail you a pillow kit.
If you didn't win and would like a pillow kit, as soon as the homespuns are here, we'll have some for sale. You can preorder by emailing us or watch the Home Page. I'll post the kits when they're here.

And a Layer Cake winner.
Sarah whose husband has a CPAP too, if you'd email us your info, we'll send you a Lilac Hill Layer Cake.
When the Lilac Hill precuts arrive, I have a fun surprise involving a Petit Four so watch the blog for news.

Tomorrow we go to Kathy Schmitz' blog. I'm lucky enough to have an awesome bulldog necklace she made. I can't wait - but then I guess I'll have to :)


  1. i loved your pillow post, Jan! Made me laugh about all the snoring you have to put up with. Your pillow looks wonderful all stuffed and fluffy too. Let's just hope we can stop talking about them now. lol!

    How great that your husband bakes bread too (kinda makes it easier to forgive him for snoring, right?)! Sourdough is so yummy, lucky you. I had a starter in the fridge once that got pushed to the back and forgotten about. Those things can get scary!

    Love that face on the snowman. So sweet. Stay warm and take care! :)

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