Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday & What's New with Lilac Hill.

It's Fat Tuesday. Your last day to indulge yourself before Lent. To help you indulge we're having a "Fat" sale.

Fat Tuesday only - 15% off all of our "Fat" bundles. (The price on the page at the store reflects the discount.)

And our Lilac Hill line has shipped and should be in your nearest quilt store. I'd boogey on over if I were you because the line is pretty well "out of stock" on the Moda website so what is in your store is what there is.

And to go with your fabric, check out our What's New Page for all of the latest Lilac Hill patterns.
We don't have Freebie Friday every week, we try to have it at least once a month, and we are having it this week. And it's a Lilac Hill Freebie to be sure to come back then. :)


  1. Jan, I have been waiting so patiently for this fabric. I am a huge fan. I currently have 2 charm packs and a jelly roll. Lilac Hill is gorgeous, I've been bragging about it over on my blog. I haven't seen it in our shop yet, I'll keep checking. I've designed what I think is an awesome quilt for this fabric, can't wait. Thanks for a great job. I've been a folk art fan of yours since Snowbound :).

  2. Oh Jan, you have no lilac hill fabrics?

  3. Always love your fabrics, my friend spoils me with them;)
    I need to start working again, hopefully I am almost there.