Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's time to get some sleep

I just caught myself nodding off while reading my email so this is going to be short tonight. I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep each night due to the jet lag thingy and I am really tired. So mostly I'll blog and show you pictures later in the week. I hope to finally sleep tonight. But first, this is a closeup of the awesome quilt at the entrance. I don't think I need to tell you that the Piece of Cake girls are here, now do I?

Here's a view of part of the 1st floor from the top of the escalator.

And here's the entrance to my "house" where Carol wants to make sure I feel at home. And I do.

The people (and the food) here are all awesome. I'll tell you more later, but for now, I'm going to sleep.


  1. Tres chic maison! lol! And, that's about all the French I remember from high school! ;-) Thank you for sharing your trip with us... looking forward to seeing the pics! I do really like that Live well and be happy quilt...

  2. Yup, that is a lot of pink, lol.
    Hard to get used to the time zone, I am time dependent, so it would not be easy for me to shift my sleep cycle.


  3. Well, you are starting to look at home again...despite all the pink. Love that quilt on the back wall!

  4. OMGosh! I would love to visit your booth...looks wonderful!!

  5. Jan, your booth, "home" entrance looks stunning. What a thrill I'm sure to see your hard work displayed so beautifully.

  6. Much better, that pink profusion was a bit over powering. I like your booth entrance, it gives me a chance to breathe.

  7. Can't wait for more photos...MORE,MORE, MORE!!!