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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Never to Old to Learn Something New, I guess

After a weekend of lots of bad storms here in the Midwest, yesterday dawned clear and sunny - and cooler, thank heavens. 80 degree weather in March and April makes one very worried about August. Have I mentioned more than 6 million times that I really hate hot, hot weather? :)
Anyway, it's beautiful in Missouri right now. And the garden is full of awesome flowers and spring green. We never have been able to get lilacs to bloom here but we do have Grandma Laird's iris. I'm going to have to transplant a few over to my sister Nancy's house late this summer. Her yard man got overzealous with the weed eater and she's afraid she's lost most of hers.

Anyway, I did figure something out over the weekend. It seems I've kind of been expecting you all to read our minds and know how our Goodsie store runs. Well, I know how it works so I guess I thought you all did too.
When I put something on sale, I have to go into the store and change the price for the duration of the sale (and sometimes longer, if I forget to go change it back to the original price for awhile.) It doesn't check you out and then take 15% off the regular price.
Goodsie can't give us the option of using a coupon for, say 15%, on just one item. And since the sale is just on Basket of Blooms, not everything in the store, I go change the price for a week. I tried making a note in the price section so you all would know it was the sale price but it won't let me say "$55.00, regularly 64.95". It will only put the $55.00. It will let me put the
regularly $64.95 up by the title of the kit, so I hope that helps.
I think Yahoo has it's sync problems resolved so the email should work again, I guess we're all just going to have to learn to live with a slower, more erratic post office, and lets hope things get back to normal for awhile.
Like I said, people, left brain work is not my forte, but we keep plodding along. Never too old to learn :)


  1. Hi Jan. I still haven't heard back from Tori and I re-sent my email to her last week per your suggestion without any response so far. Could you please help me out?

  2. Hi Jan. I really hate to keep bothering you. Tori emailed me last week and I answered her with a summary of my problems. I have not heard from her this week. I want to pay my credit card bill tomorrow and am really concerned. I was charged for the Honey Bee kit the day that I ordered it (4/4) and have not received it. I know you have been having problems with the mail service, but can you at least let me know if it has been shipped?
    Thanks, Karen

  3. Hi Jan. I still haven't heard back from you or Tori regarding my purchase of The Festival of Life book. As we discussed, I would like to purchase your Festival of Life book that is on sale this month for $9. I've been trying to purchase it since April 1st, but the shipping cost doubles when I try to pay for it through Paypal and so far all of my emails and phone calls have not been answered. Since we are getting close to the end of the month and the sale will end shortly, can someone please help me out with this purchase?
    Thank you,