Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Its a start.........

                                     And you have to start somewhere...........

                                         Flower Patch - 80" x 80"

Regularly $160.00 - From April 25th - May 2nd,  only $127.00


  1. I was thinking about doing some gardening today, but thinking was as far as I got, lol.


    1. Well, as you can see I'm not gardening in leaps and bounds. But it's a start. Maybe some lettuce and spinach in the rows. It keeps getting hot and cold. Not at all sure what to plant.

  2. Tina - I can't figure out why both Goodsie and PayPal are charging shipping. I am absolutely no good at all of this left brain stuff. We get it fixed - an everytime it's something different - and they change something and it starts doing it again. We have no idea why. So we're going to have to mess with everything until we figure out what they changed - again. I talked with Byron and if you will call him tomorrow morning - he will be there and he will answer and take your order so you can get your book. I'm sorry, dear, I wasn't ignoring you, we thought we had it fixed.
    I meant to email you but did it wrong. Then I was going to delete it. But I did it backwards.

  3. Ok - I've shut it off again and did a trial run. It only charged me at Paypal. But I can't guarantee it will keep doing it right since I didn't change it before.

  4. Jan, I received the following email this morning:From: Jan Patek
    Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 6:01 AM
    To: undisclosed recipients:
    Subject: Sad News Please Help Me ..........Jan Patek Quilts


    Just writing to let you know our trip to Spain Madrid has been a mess. I was having a great time until last night when we got mugged and lost all my cash, credit card and cell phone It has been a scary experience, I was hit at the back of my neck with a club. Anyway.I'm still alive and that's whats important. I'm financially strapped right now and need your help. I need you to loan me some $$, I'll refund it to you as soon as i arrive home.Please let me know what you can do
    Byron Patek
    Jan Patek Quilts

  5. I received the same mail!!!
    Someone pirated your mail.

  6. Thanks guys. Appreciate the alert. We've changed the password. Hope no one got stung.