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Monday, October 26, 2009

On October 18th, 1969 at 6:30 pm - 40 years ago - Pep Patek and I got married. His real name is Harry but his friends have always called him Pep. He is now and has always been my great, best friend. Not that we haven't had a rough time or two along the way but we've always been able to maintain our commitment to each other and to our marriage. We were very lucky. (He says this isn't a good picture of him - he wasn't smiling. Life with him has always been interesting.)

Quite a few people got the year right so we had a drawing.

Here is Zoie with her great, best friend, Afentra the Guinea Pig. She drew the angel on the door. You can look for it in a quilt some day. And she drew Alda's name from the Halloween bowl.

Alda, if you'll email Tara at, she'll send you a Blessings Jelly Roll.
I almost hate for it to be over because it's so much fun to read all of the comments.
Thanks to all of you for your guesses and your congratulations.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pep & Bruce now

You've seen pictures of Bruce Gervais and Pep in their wedding tux's. Here they are with Hassan at Fall Market in 2009.

They were watching people get their pictures taken in the Moda frame and commenting, I'm sure.
I think they've both just gotten better and better looking each year.
And I am only slightly prejudiced. They both turned out to be "keepers".

Monday, October 19, 2009

Market pics - and How Many Years

We made it home through the driving rain - not at all a fun trip. At one time heading north just before Dallas it was raining so hard that the water couldn't drain off the road. We were suddenly (in a loaded van) floating sideways as were the cars in front of us. Pep did what he calls "white knuckle driving" the rest of the way through Texas, it slacked off in Oklahoma and then set in again in Kansas. But he got us home safe and sound. Rather exhausted but here again on top of our hill.

This is Sandy Gervais' booth. I'd tell you all about Market but she did it so well I thought I'd refer you to her blog on it. I sat and laughed out loud and read it to Pep. Her pics are great too of everyone. Anyway go to Sandy's blog if you haven't already.

Edie McGinnis and I in front of our "Across the Wide Missouri" quilts. These will be the KC Star Bom for 2010.

The display in the KC Star Booth at Market for my new book "Flags of the American Revolution".

Another view of my booth with my "triangle square" quilt - Oak Leaves and Berries (due to ship with the Looking Back fabric). The triangle square exchange was great fun. Edyta Sitar's batiks (Laundry Basket) are awesome and her marketing ideas are great. If you're a shop I'd really refer you to her book Friendship Triangles.

Picture taken by Sandy Gervais at Market - what I really look like. That's Kathy Schmidt behind me.

Now a contest (within a contest - the Mystery Quilt contest won't end until Halloween - keep thinking up those names for me.) Anyway - October 18th is Pep and my anniversary. And the contest is of course, how many years.

I was thinking about it this morning. There was no Walmart. I spent about $25.00 a week on groceries but there were only 2 of us. And my math back then was as bad as it is now. We got some checks for wedding presents and I added them all up and put them in our checking account to buy things for the house we were renting. I wasn't at work so I didn't have an adding machine. I overdrew us $150.00. We had to ask Pep's parents for a loan the 1st week we were married. They were pretty neat about it. :)


Here we are leaving the reception. Pep's father had brought the champagne and liquor by the case into the hotel. Then he paid the bartender a corkage fee. So he got paid for every bottle that was opened. It was a very fun reception as most of the people from out of town were staying there and didn't have to worry about driving home. We did - so we just took a couple of bottles of champage with us.
Memories. - Good ones.
And 3 kids and 8 grandkids later, we're still building the good memories.
Anyway, I'll end this contest Saturday afternoon, the 24th. If there's more than 1 correct answer I'll have Zoie draw a name. The winner will get a Blessing Jelly Roll.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is going to be short because it's taken us last night and half of this morning just to find the picture files after we loaded them onto the computer.

Computers are NOT my thing. Luckily Pep is along. The booth is in the convention center which is not airconditioned (in the set up area only). It is warm (hot,muggy) in Houston at this time of year - I think mostly all year and it rained most of yesterday. Sandy and Bruce ran around in the rain all morning looking for a bench to put pillows on and didn't find one. I lent Sandy a stand and a couple of wire baskets and it looks great.

Here at the end of the day, Bruce and Mark Dunn (pres. of United Notions) discuss weighty matters.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

While we're away.......

We'll be gone almost a week and we'll be pretty busy. So I thought I'd have you all do some work for me while we're gone.

I need a name for this year's Mystery Quilt. I've been calling it the Star Medallion but that's pretty lame.

Here's a jpg of the drawing of the whole quilt and a couple of the blocks that are sewn - can't give away the Mystery quite yet.

I thought I'd have a contest. Just give it your best shot at what I should call the quilt. This is a purely subjective contest. Enter your name in the comments section. I'll give it until the end of October - Halloween Day I'll pick a name.

And since I always miss my garden at this time of year, the winner will get a Cottage Garden kit. If I like 3 or 4 names, I'll keep them for future kits and the runner ups will get a Blessings Jelly Roll.

We're taking Pep's laptop to Market. If I can figure out his photo program and get the camera to work on it (big "ifs" for this not computer person) I'll blog from Market. But I will at least be able to read your entrys. This will be fun.
Better get back to sleep for awhile.
Keep quilting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Almost ready

The stitching is ongoing - will probably finish the last binding tonight or at the motel on the way -

The last 2 labels are ready to sew on the last two quilts -

The binding is on this one and it's ready for the label

The quilts are mostly packed - one more set to go -

And we've been to the storage unit for the necessaries -

Now - Pep will pack it all together this afternoon (except the quilt I'm still binding - that and my sewing basket go with us up front) - we pack our clothes and at O-Dark-thirty tomorrow we head for Houston.
What fun!