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Sunday, October 28, 2012

ON THE RUN.......

                              But just had to show you Me & My Sister's Mummy

And the cute little trailer in the Moda booth across from us

fish and all!

Pep wants to get one and just move in after all of the water and plumbing problems we've had.  Sounds good to me - at the moment.

Off to the convention center.

Keep quilting ladies.  
And there's a new line called "Glamping"  (Glamour camping, I think)  :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the Road Again

We're on the way to Houston.

Van's loaded as usual.......

 We always make it around Dallas the first day.  We go right past the Moda Warehouse on I-35  - I always wave when we go by :).  

Anyway we go about 20 miles past Dallas on Highway 45 to Ennis, Texas.


It makes things so much easier if you know where you're going and where you're staying so we always stay the same place.

The motel is right behind a Waffle House.  Pep said I should mention it because it sounds like something from a detective novel - "Sam Spade - in the alley behind the Waffle House".

And our room usually faces the pool.  Looks like a lot of fun doesn't it?  Relaxing and all - and the weather's really nice - in the 80's.

HOWEVER, I have a quilt or two to bind.  I guess I could sit in one of the chairs by the pool but I did mention that it was in the 80's.  Inside it's air conditioned.

I have found out that if I take my glasses off, I can sew binding on in the car.  So we're off again.  3 quilts to go.  No pool for now.

Keep quilting ladies.

Monday, October 15, 2012

After the Flood

When I last left you on October 8th, the plumber was coming back the next day to fix the last (we hoped) cut on our sewer lines.  

He did.  By Tuesday night we had water and everything drained.  We could take baths, do laundry and flush toilets.

What we could not do was talk on the house phone or use the internet.

It seems that the telephone line had been cut.  Sigh.

AND - there had been some major fiber cuts - whole towns around here were without phone or internet service so our little problem got shoved to the back of the repair tickets.  Whenever we called, the voicemail said a repair ticket was already scheduled and we would hear within 24 hours.

Wilhamina Witch

By Friday, however, we were getting impatient.  Luckily the telephone office in town used to be next to my beauty parlor so I knew who to call locally.  Hope finally got someone out here who said that they'd never gotten a repair ticket.  It took her about 45 minutes to locate the problem and fix it.

What this all means is that last week we could neither get nor ship orders.

In the midst of all of this, Friday Spike went lame - both back legs - and I had to take him to the vet.  He's on meds now,  feeling better - but he and Yoda can't run and tear around when Yoda visits.  They have to remain quiet and sedate - which means inside, believe me.

Today, things seem to be calming down. 

The Flood seems to be over.

This is Gabriels Ark.  It seemed like a good kit to put on special this week while we mop up.  If you ordered from the site last week, we're working on it.  :)

Have a good week ladies.

Monday, October 8, 2012

AND SHE'S STILL IN..........

My, oh My.  This just has not been my day- or my month so far.

The plumber was here today and fixed one big cut in the sewer lines........

only to find that there's another cut up closer to the house.


he'll be back with his backhoe tomorrow.

And then when I sat down at my computer at the end of the day I find
that I've made a big error in the directions for the September block of the Collector Series Mystery Quilt.

The Two Trees block is supposed to be 14" x 8" not 4" x 8".  Really it's 8" x 14" - 8" wide and 14" tall.
I do apologize.  
If any of you have cut the background fabric incorrectly, email Tori at and let her know and we'll fix it. 

The Witch is definitely still in.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Witch is In!

Ever since I made this quilt I've said that it wasn't really a Halloween quilt  - it was a "statement" quilt.  Haven't we all felt like hanging it on our door sometimes to warn everyone.  Well - this is one of those days - or really one of those weeks.

Remember the horrid pictures of what it looked like out my kitchen window last spring when they were putting in our new water line.  Well, it seems that in the process they not only sliced the heat pump coils (we knew that one right away) - but they also nicked our sewer lines.  Said sewer lines have slowly been letting dirt seep in and finally they're mostly stopped up.

A visit from our new friendly plumber will culminate in things being dug up again next Monday.  Meantime we use things as little as possible.  And the grandkids are coming this weekend.  I'm not cancelling that.

Hence, I decided to leave "The Witch is In" on special for another week.  

And I added Dresden Turkey

In my crankiness I try to remember to give thanks for all of the things that are good about my life - my husband and kids - and grandkids,
good friends and family,
work that I love - (we're stitching on quilts with the new Audra's Iris Garden line that will show at Fall Market - awesome fabrics)
A home in the country that I love and last, but not least Spike.

I think we'll go for a walk.  Then I can come home and stitch.  I'm sewing on binding - one of my favorite parts.
Tori got me a button at the Kansas City Market.  It says "I quilt so I don't kill people".  
Keep quilting ladies.