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Monday, May 26, 2014

May moves along .......

The last of our Amarylis bloomed.  We had almost given up but when it bloomed it did it in style.

Zoie Pearl graduated from the 8th grade last week.  She is such a pretty (and smart) little girl - who just keeps getting bigger.  
She got awards for physical fitness and for reading - a very good combination.

Outside Grandma Laird's (Audra"s) iris are blooming

as well as Great Aunt Odell's Poppies.

And while it's a week earlier this year Memorial Day
helps us remember all of those who have come before us

and especially this who have served our country so well.

Have a good Memorial Day.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Latest Tutorial - May Flowers

It's May, it's May, the merry month of May - -

and our latest tutorial is up on You Tube. 
You can watch it by clicking on the words or here.

You can go to the store to get either the pattern or the kit by clicking here.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day

and have a good week.

And people, I know you all are anxious to get all of your goodies but just now (Mon. at 10:15) Tori got a call that there was a death in the family.  We'll get things to you as soon as we can.  Please say a little prayer for her.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

We're having a Mother's Day Rummage Sale and all the items we put on sale last week are 75% off today only.
And I added Audra's Iris Garden BOM pattern for today.

When I went up to let the chickens out and walked past the garden the first of Grandma Laird's iris have started to bloom.  Pretty soon the garden will be breathtaking for a week of two.  I do so look forward to it every year.

Anyway, it was Pep's birthday yesterday so children and grandchildren have been visiting for both of us.
Right now, I'm off to church - then a short trip to Walmart (I hope) and back home for a leisurely afternoon (again - I hope).
Pep's making a lemon meringue pie and putting some chicken in the smoker for the afternoon so I get to sit and stitch.

It's also Quinn's birthday, so 
Happy Birthday Quinn.

Have a great day ladies.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 3 of Rummage Sale - Bzy, bzy, bzy

My husband would throw a fit if he saw me using text language when I should have been using correct English.  We got him a T-shirt for Christmas that said
"Grammar Police - To Correct and to Serve".
And actually he will see it because he always reads my blog.  Sorry, dear.

Anyway, we are having a Rummage Sale this week.

and each day we'll take a %age off of 2 kits

a BOM pattern,

a regular pattern

and a book.

I'm in the middle of 
1) Baking cookies and getting ready for Girl Gang here
2) designing patterns for the Fall Fabric line that shows at Houston
3)Dealing with all the things that go with living in the country during the growing season
4) Having 3 grown kids and 9 grandchildren
5) Having 3 babies (well only one is still a baby and he's growing fast) - Spike, Hunny and little Dobby.

Anyway, that means that it's hard to blog about it every day


I put a Gadget on the left sidebar at the top that will take you to the sale every day.  Just click on the picture and you'll go to it each day.  Today it's 35% off. On the blog, you can click on the picture on the left side, the names or click here.

Have a great Mother's Day, ladies and may it include some stitching.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Rummage Sale & Catching Up

We're having a Mother's Day Rummage Sale all of this week. May 6-9th.
 Each day a different set of kit's, patterns and books will go on sale.

Today two of the choices are the "O My Stars Kit"

and the pattern for Charming Posies.
Also on sale are Family Circle Kit, Farmers Market BOM and the Garden Dance book.
To go to the store and check them out click here.

Spring has finally gotten to Missouri - we hope to stay.
I'm not going to Spring Market.  Pep couldn't take off and it's too far to drive by myself.
I flew to Portland last year but that's enough flying for awhile.
Besides Michelle Oglesbee-Flores wouldn't move to Pittsburgh to help me out like she did in Portland last year.  So it's her fault I'm not there:)
Three of the new  Castlewood quilts will be in the Moda booth though so it's almost like being there.
And I also sent 5 of the Table Stand quilts so if you're there stop by and see them all.  They'll be in the pattern and notions section of the booth.

After the rush of getting the quilts and patterns off to Moda there was some much needed down time with the grandkids.  Brooke loves gathering eggs and feeding the baby chickens.  There was chicken feed everywhere in the brooder house by the time she got through :).  The chickens thought it was great fun.

Lily, on the other hand fed Dobby and Hunny dog food one pellet at a time.  They also thought it was great fun.

Every night the dogs and I go for a walk down the hill to the treeline - mostly all the way.   Sunday Zoie & Cullen & Quinn came with us.  They ran - I walked :)

Now, I'm taking it easy, stitching on the schoolhouse project which will be on the blog hop this fall - and coming up with ideas for pattern for the next line - Lillies of the Field.  

The years roll by in fabric  :) It is a wonderful life.