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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It took awhile to get here

But It's still May:)

And this is Audra's Iris Garden.
The iris came from my Grandmother Laird's garden.
When we moved into our house in Kansas City Grandma Laird
(Audra) brought some to our house and planted them.
Years later when we moved my mother up to Cameron, we brought some of the Iris
and planted them at my house and at my sister Nancy's house.

Last week our oldest son Brian moved into the house he and his wife 
Shannon had built at the north edge of Kansas City.

Here's the quilt block I'm working on from my pattern "3 Houses" out of 
Betsy Chutchian's line "Harriet's Handwork".
This is their daughter Brooke (you can tell it's Brooke by the yellow hat).

And this is the fence that our son Max planted this spring at the edge of his 
property in Kansas City after his privacy fence blew down.
(At the moment it's quite a bit smaller but Thuja trees grow quickly)
In August, we will transplant some of Grandma Laird's Iris at both Brian and Max's houses.
She was a wonderful woman and her heritage will live on through her beautiful iris.

And this is Audra's Iris Garden - 
my tribute to her made out of my fabric line of the same name.
The BOM pattern is on sale for 50% off this week.
You can buy it by clicking here.

Be sure and come back each week.  
It's almost time for Moda Blockheads 2.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

It's Still May but now it's Thursday.

This is "Spring at Last" made out of Lilac Ridge.   
Appropriate title don't you think?
I thought spring would never come this year.
Anyway, you can get the pattern or a kit 
by clicking here.

And believe it or not the 4th of July is on it's way
so I thought I would make Liberty Garden
the book special this month.

This is Liberty Eagle (pattern inside).

There are patterns for 4 smaller wallhangings 
as well as the larger wallhanging on the front cover,
(Liberty Houses is hanging in my hall at the moment-
Birds and Americana are always in season in our house)

And the larger Liberty Garden Quilt will probably
go up in the foyer as soon as the
Birds & Bunnies come down.

And Blockheads be watching - #2 is in the works.

Keep quilting ladies.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It's May and It's Wednesday.........

And right now I'm proofing sell sheets 
which is 
but necessary.

Please come back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about 
our latest Mini Quilt Club offering
"Spring at Last" - 
(It will even be in the store by then),
Our book that's on sale this month
and maybe a few other things.

See you tomorrow.